5 Unknown Metal Bands of Faith

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It surprises me how many good bands get tossed by the wayside. There are so many great bands out there that weren’t around at the right time, or simply didn’t get enough exposure. We here at Indie Vision Music have done the best we can to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore. So we might as well make up for the ones we missed.

5. Cries Hannah

Cries Hannah was a metalcore band from Missouri. The band formed in 2003 with the lineup of Vocalist Matthew Tompkins, Guitarist Trey Davis, Bassist Ross Goins and Drummer Matt Boyd. The band had two releases in their short time of activity. Oh, Death Where Is Thy Sting? EP in 2005, independently, and Beloved… I Caught You When You Fell through Crash Music, home to bands such as Crowbar, Flotsam and Jetsam and Primer 55. It’s unclear why Cries Hannah didn’t get much exposure, especially being signed to what seemed to be a promising label. Check out “The Wedding”, one of the tracks off of Beloved.

4. The Unfolding (Josiah)

IVM’s very own Josiah. Totally awesome metalcore band from Indiana. They sounded like bands such as ZAO, Haste the Day and Society’s Finest. The band was formed around 2002 and recorded a demo, which they sent to our very own Brandon Jones, who released it through the IVM label at the time. The band released an EP titled The Whom Jehovah Heals and an album titled Verona. Josiah’s vocalist Joshua W. Lee departed from the band while the remaining members carried on as The Unfolding. They released an album titled Heroes with a redone Josiah song, “Elegy for an Admiral” in 2006. The band wasn’t very well known at the time because we were a independent label. I encourage you to check these guys out. Great band. Here’s “Todd P. Hepler” off of both the EP and the album.

3. With Blood Comes Beauty

With Blood Comes Beauty was a…metalcore/deathcore band from Tennessee. They were a band formed by Andy Atkins. If that name sounds familiar, it might be because he was the vocalist of A Plea for Purging. He formed the band and they released an album, The Red Letter Romance via Bad Apple Records. The band oddly enough broke up on the night of their record release show, which would explain why they never got much exposure. There was a link for the album on NoiseTrade at one point (which I took advantage of)  but it is no longer there. I’ll message Andy about maybe re-releasing it or something. But in the meantime, here’s “Shiver” from A Plea for Purging.

2. Here I Come Falling

Here I Come Falling was a(nother) metalcore/screamo band from Springfield, Missouri. The band formed in 2005 and signed to Rise Records. The band only released one album, titled Oh Grave, Where Is Thy Victory in 2008, via Rise. The band played their final show in August 2008, until they reunited in 2011 for a single show. The band members went on to other bands, including Agraceful, The Overseer and MyChildren MyBride. The band was awesome enough to get signed to Rise, but like all great things, they must come to an end. Here’s “A Ghost Town for a Graveyard” off of Oh Grave.

1. Demise of Eros

Well, I was hoping not to finish this list off with another metalcore act, but here we are. It seems as though all the bands that had a good chance were of this genre. Demise of Eros was a metalcore/hardcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The band formed in late 2003. The band formed with the lineup of Vocalist Darren Belajac, Guitarists Steve Stout and John Erickson, Bassist Chris Urbanek and Drummer Giuseppe Capolupo. The band had the most releases out of all of these bands, a total of three. The Demise of Eros EP in 2004, Another Night of the Same Charade EP in 2005, and finally their full length, Neither Storm Nor Quake Nor Fire in 2006. The last album was released through Strike First Records, a subsidiary of Facedown Records. The band disbanded in late 2006. The members joined other bands including Greywalker, Alive in the Underground, Once Nothing, Haste the Day and The Devil Wears Prada. Check out “Of Ages Past (Solaxative)” below.

Many a band left a great legacy. There were many bands in the Christian metal genre that could’ve had a place on this list, but they were mostly one man bands. I’ll give you a notable mentions list here below. I have a list that I hope to post soon of Christian metal and hardcore bands, which is…incredibly long. I hope you enjoyed this article! Go check out these bands.

Notable Mentions: The Empty Tomb (brutal death metal/grindcore), Adelaide (deathcore), Me and the Trinity (metalcore), Awake the Suffering (death metal/thrash metal)

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Graham Wall
August 18, 2017 6:25 pm

The Unfolding is cool. Their song titles are hilarious.

August 18, 2017 11:27 am

Also worth mentioning is that one of the guitarists (the one sitting in the back with arm around other guy) was the one behind Romance On A Rocketship which was signed to Interscope Records.

August 18, 2017 11:27 am
Reply to  Kavin

*Guitarist of Here I Come Falling

August 18, 2017 10:21 am

All of these bands, including the notable mentions are ones I’ve always enjoyed jamming. I didn’t realize some of these members went on to start/join some other really great bands. Good stuff, thanks for the lesson! Keep these coming!

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