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August 18, 2017

July 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

Josiah "Verona" (2017 Remaster) Now Available on Digital Networks

The 2017 remaster of the now classic mostly unheard gem from metalcore band, Josiah, is now available on most digital networks. The album titled “Verona” was mastered with care and attention to detail by Seth of Simpul Studio. It’s louder, thicker, and beefier than ever. Vocals are brought front and center and it just sounds smoother than the 2004 version. I released this album 14 years ago on Indie Vision Music shortly before the label arm shut down due to a lack of motivation and funding.… Continued →

January 20, 2017

December 21, 2016

Remastered Versions of Dismissed and Josiah Coming Soon

I have decided to have Dismissed “Taking the Good With the Bad” and Josiah “Verona” remastered by Seth at Simpul Studio. This Dismissed version will be a new remastered version of the original master. I will swap out the old “remastered” version on bandcamp and get this new version up on all digital networks in January. Josiah “Verona” will sound better and have vocals brought more out front. I’m excited to share these with you soon. For now, these are the only recordings getting the remastered treatment.… Continued →

December 15, 2016

Indie Vision Music Releases Now On Digital Networks

Most of the old IVM Releases are now on several digital networks with more being added each day. I have added the iTunes/Spotify links for what is available right now. You can also check Amazon, Google Play, and Emusic for more. I will also be distributing a great new ep by a pop-punk band you’ve heard about recently so get pumped! I am working to get Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 2 & 3 up on digital networks as well as Josiah, Dismissed “Self Titled Ep”, and a new Dismissed “Taking The Good With the Bad” Remaster that is being done by Seth at Simpul Studio off the original master recordings.… Continued →