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Dismissed 2017 Remaster Now Available!

I’m excited to announce the unexpected release, Dismissed “Taking The Good With the Bad (2017 Remaster)”. This excellent sounding (re)mastering job was done by none other than Seth at Simpul Studio and sounds fantastic! We took the original release and cranked it up a bit to get the sound fuller, more dynamic, and the instruments louder than they were before. Nearly 14 years ago I took a chance and released this debut full length by Southern California melodic post hardcore/emo/punk band Dismissed and I still love the album today. They were young guys at the time of recording but their songwriting and delivery was totally on par with some of the best independent bands of their day. In 2003 we were just coming in to the whole post hardcore-punk/Emo territory and these guys didn’t sound like anyone else in the scene especially the whole “Christian” music scene at the time. I was so impressed with these dudes and still keep in contact with Dave Arthur (Lead Vocals/Guitar) to this day. I encourage you to check this release out and give it a listen. I kept the artwork the same as the 2nd release from September 2003 but the sound has nothing to do with that re-release and it’s many sound driven mistakes (blame me for having it remastered back then).

The release just went live on Spotify, listen below.

For now click the links below to purchase this re-release at the stores listed

Google Play

Josiah “Verona” 2017 Remaster On The Way……

The other “remastering” job I got done for 2017 is none other than the “Verona” release by metalcore band, Josiah. I thought instead of uploading the original version which I hadn’t done yet, I would just get a better mastering job for 2017 done by Seth at Simpul Studio. It came out sounding awesome. The vocals are louder and you can decipher more from what Joshua W. was screaming. The bass is more prominant and all the other instruments sound even better than before. If you were holding out for a better version of Josiah “Verona” or had never listened to them before, get ready to be shaken to your knees. This band was a heavy and unique like not many other groups in 2004. Their harsh metallic delivery earned them plenty of accolades but still they slipped under the radar and when IVM shut it’s label doors in mid 2004, the release didn’t get the kind of promotion they deserved. Well now it’s BACK and you’ll be able to purchase/stream through a wide variety of digital networks in a week (i just uploaded last night).

Josiah “Verona (2017 Remaster)” available now through bandcamp. Click below.

Any purchases made via bandcamp,, TeeBlaster (new merch), and through digital networks will towards helping me release some great new albums on Vinyl/Physical Media throughout 2017. Help me by picking up some awesome merch today (or donating on Bandcamp).

As always, check out the special IVM Releases Playlist on Spotify to find every single one of our releases past and present

New Merch Available Through TeeBlaster Beginning Today!

That’s right, I recently got two new designs done by Joshua T. Design of which you can see here. There are 3 different shirts, hoodies, women’s ts available (Two Dark Colored Merch, One Lighter Colored One). They can all be found on our TeeBlaster site here. One is our “IVM Record” Design and the other is an “Anchor Circle” design. Each one of these designs features a different tagline so be sure to check them out.

All purchases made on TeeBlaster over the next 2 weeks will go towards helping to fund the Indie Vision Music label arm of the site and keep releases flowing in 2017. Please consider buying one of our sweet new designs within these next two weeks!

Preorders for Our New Release From Light The Way Are Up Now!!!

Our preorders for Nor Cal pop-punk band Light The Way, are now live at iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play stores. All purchases come with an instant download of the track “Note to Self”. This is a release you definitely don’t want to sleep on. Ep goes on sale January 26th at all markets and will be available for streaming on Spotify/Apple Music around release date. Our releases are available on practically every digital network known to man so be sure to hunt those releases down.

If you could consider writing a review good or bad, it doesn’t matter, just so we have some reviews up on Digital Sites. If you enjoyed some of our past/current release please write something and I’ll be eternally grateful.

Paul from TheChristianRock20 just interviewed Andrew Carlin from the band the other day. That interview along with their single “BRKN” will appear on this nationally syndicated show very soon. Stay tuned to for further info. I’m also pursuing a few other radio shows both FM and Internet. If any of you have a podcast, radio show, etc. and would like the single “BRKN” to be serviced to you or would like an interview with Andrew, please just post your comment below and respond. Or you can email me at brandon.jones[at]

Press Release:

New Northern California Pop-Punk act Light the Way, sign to Indie Vision Music for exclusive digital distribution of their debut Ep recording “Grace”.

The highly anticipated new ep from Northern California pop-punk act, Light The Way, will be hitting digital networks through Indie Vision Music on January 26th! Pre-Orders for this mind blowing debut ep have gone live on iTunes/Google Play and includes a digital download of the song “Note to Self”. Pre-order of this ep on iTunes is just $2.99.

I am extremely pleased to welcome these guys to the Indie Vision Music family of artists and excited to share their debut recording with the masses. This phenomenal indie pop-punk act from Northern California features equal parts melody and angsty pop-punk, bringing back memories of the past while embracing the future. Think of bands along the lines of Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, The Swellers, The Wonder Years, Yellowcard, (old) Over It, and even a little Blink 182. This new band is sure to bring all the goosebumps, nostalgic yearning and inspire listen after listen. Even if you’re just the occasional pop-punk fan, you will find something immensely satisfying in the music/message of “Grace” by Light The Way.

Please visit this new band on Facebook here and see what all the hype is about!

Physical media such as Vinyl is a possibility in 2017. Look for a new Light The Way Tshirt to go live in our StoreFrontier site very soon

Check out all the latest news on independent Christian artists over on our site as well as information on our new artists

That’s it for now. Stay tuned to our newsletter (sign up if you haven’t yet done so) and our site for info on the next few bands to join Indie Vision Music. Physical media is a definite plan for 2017 so get ready for the return of IVM!

-Brandon Jones
Indie Vision Music
Twitter: @ivmusic
Instagram: @indievisionmusic

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Brian Goad
Brian Goad
January 20, 2017 11:47 am

Bet you can get Light The Way’s BRKN on Broken.FM :D. You could also see if you can get them featured on BC’s podcast or one of their offshoots (Don’t Feed The Trolls, Pastor With No Answer, Break It Down, etc).

January 20, 2017 12:33 pm
Reply to  Brandon J.

It would also fit really well on Effect Radio.

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