Lecrae – Church Clothes (Mixtape)

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Lecrae – Church Clothes (Mixtape)
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4.4 (24 votes)

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Title: Church Clothes (Mixtape)
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Release Date: 5/10/12
Reviewer: Josh Burkey


  1. Co-Sign
  2. APB (ft Thi’sl)
  3. Church Clothes
  4. Cold World (ft. Tasha Catour)
  5. Welcome to H-Town
  6. Inspiration
  7. Rise
  8. Darkest Hour
  9. Black Rose
  10. The Price of Life (ft. Andy Mineo & Co Campbell)
  11. Special (ft. Lester L2 Shaw)
  12. No Regrets (ft. Suzy Rock)
  13. Gimme A Second
  14. Long Time Coming (ft. Swoope)
  15. Misconception (ft. Propanganda, Braile  & Odd Thomas)
  16. Spazz
  17. Sacrifice
  18. Rejects (ft. Christon Gray)

When it comes to modern Christian Rap, Lecrae is to this generation what DC Talk was to our parents generation. When folks hear this type of terminology, they instantly think of gospel music or as it is being dubbed nowadays, “gospel rap”. However, this is something that Lecrae wants to get across to the listener, “Folks wanna call this gospel rap. Nah homeboy, this is sacrifice.” As he raps over a solid beat in the song, “Sacrifice”, that ultimately just leaves the listener breathless. “Sacrifice” is just one of many songs that leave a lasting impression on the listener from his new mixtape, Church Clothes. Since the release of 2011’s Rehab: Overdose, Lecrae has experienced his fair share of mainstream attention, being featured on Cypher for BET, Static Selecta’s collaboration with the rapper, playing South by Southwest ; just to name a few. Which brings us to the release of his new mixtape, Church Clothes. This is a new environment in which we get to hear Lecrae.

The album opens up “Co-Sign”, which is just delivered under a world of fully loaded passion. The opening track always is a gateway to what the rest of the record holds. So, with this first track, Clothes is an unimaginable fully loaded album with lots of passion, solid beats and such fire deliverance from this Atlanta native. Right? Right. Unfortunately, this passion dies down a bit on this second track, “APB” which features Thi’sl. The track is one of those moments in which you hear a song that you’re content with. You remember those, ‘this isn’t good, but it’s not bad’ kind of moments. That is exactly what this track is. However, it does flow right into the title track of the album, which already has its own video. With this record, Lecrae literally takes no prisoners in his lyrical content. “I lack words for these actors called pastors. All these folks are hypocrite”, as he raps in “Church Clothes”. This is only one of many that he has some of the most solid spitting of his career. Also look to “ Inspiration”, “Darkest Hour”, “Price of Life ft. Andy Mineo & Co Campbell” & “Gimme a Second”, just to name a few.

As good as this record is, it has its moments of falling. “Welcome to H-Town” holds one of the most annoying choruses on this album. Don’t get me wrong, it holds very solid rapping and deliverance but the beat is what makes it suffer in the end. Another example can be heard on, “Black Rose”. This track has a lot of reggae moments that almost feels like experimentation from Lecrae, that is no way works out in his favor. “Spazz” is a song that again, just really has an overly done beats that gets on the listener’s nerves very fast. There is nothing special about this. It honestly feels like they are trying to deliver a straight radio-friendly, crowd-pleaser of a song. The only song on this album that really falls flat all together, unfortunately is “Special”. Honestly, couldn’t get into it at all.

OVERALL: This record is some of Lecrae’s best stuff to date. This album is certainly one to check out. It made worth wild for songs like “Church Clothes”, “Sacrifice” & “Rejects”. In the old tradition, you can’t have the good without the bad. You will also have your duds on this album as well. “APB”, “Special” & “Rise” just to name a few. Clothes is an astonishing entry from Lecrae. This album is highly recommended. His passion is at an all-time high, his deliverance at times is almost unreal because of how good it is and he is accompanied by some of the best beats in his career. Church Clothes is where it is at.

RIYL: Trip Lee, PRo, Yaves, Flame

Lecrae - Church Clothes (Mixtape), 4.4 out of 5 based on 24 ratings

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39 Responses to 'Lecrae – Church Clothes (Mixtape)'

  1. JoshIVM says:

    This album is actually better than I expected it would be. “APB”, “Spazz”, & “Black Rose” are actually some of my favorites from the album.

  2. theclark says:

    Wow…sounds like we like it for totally different reasons, so I guess it’s mission accomplished. Literally every song you didn’t like were my favs and vice versa. The only two we agreed on are “Sacrifice” and “Rejects”….awesome way to end the mixtape.

  3. karl says:

    RIYL: KJ-52??? Really? Did you just put five-tweezy in the same genre as Lecrae? Or even in the same universe? Wow.

  4. Dakota says:

    Spazz is my favorite song..i love the beat…and i disagree with H-town and Black rose too

  5. scott says:

    Agreed with Josh. “Spazz” is a NASTY track. Also loved it when they shouted out “Reach records empire” at the beginnings of the songs.

  6. drum_mer says:

    Agree with JoshIVM. Spazz, APB and Black Rose are some of my fav tracks.

  7. Micah says:

    Loved APB, Spazz, and Black Rose.

    Also, Sacrifice is an EPIC song. Kind of reminds me of Power by Kanye. Lecrae’s definitely going to be huge. I think he’s going to keep working with mainstream producers which should continue to give him cred. Plus, he actually has the talent to back up those beats.

  8. Tyler says:

    This is revolutionary to the Christian rap world. Awesome mixtape.

  9. http://icomp.ufam.edu.br/?professionally-written-essays Professionally Written Essays. says:

    This is incredible.

    And I love Black Rose. Think my favourite two tracks are the last two. Also love the Humble Beast collaboration on ‘Misconceptions’. And ‘Church Clothes’ has some excellent and very challenging lyrics. Great stuff across the mixtape.

  10. TK says:

    I am just happy that the Gospel is being preached by this dude and he aint afraid to live it or say it. Good mixtape for sure

  11. jthejust says:

    I can’t get enough of this album. Lecrae joins Heath McNease and John Reuben on the small list of rappers I love. I’m usually more of a rock guy (alternative, punk, hardcore, etc).

  12. platypusguy says:

    Love it. This has gotta be his best stuff in a while. Really digging The Price of Life and No Regrets as well as the other tracks people have been mentioning

  13. pstone says:

    you must not be married! Special is such a fantastic track.

  14. Earthseedz says:

    This album is incredible! But, I must agree that the “H-town” is annoying and I have to skip it, each time. At least, I’m not alone.

  15. kt1 says:

    Great production on the albums. I think the beat selection is what sets it apart from most mixtapes. Lyrics are solid as well. Worst track on the album…and its not even close, is spazz out, not create at all, I think he was trying to pay tribute to Lupe Fiascos spazz out, and fell short. OVerall, great album though!!

  16. Britt says:

    I would have to say Black Rose is one of the sickest songs on the album if not the best. The beat is sick and I love the feel of it.

  17. gravymits says:

    Misconception in my opinion is the best song, Love the humble beast collab!

  18. Earthseedz says:

    Agreed. “Misconception” is the best track. Happy to see Propaganda and other HB’s get their due. Check out Propaganda’s “G.O.S.P.E.L” video for a jaw dropping presentation of the gospel.

  19. Iaya97 says:

    This mixtape is crazy good. “Misconception” is by far the best track, but they are all great.

  20. Jimbo says:

    Rejects is seriously one of the best songs I’ve ever heard……so much passion and power in that song. He really gets after it

  21. jthejust says:

    My favourite might actually be Co-Sign. There are a lot of killer tracks, though.

  22. calends says:

    I think the “attitude” or tone of the album looks strange on Lecrae. I absolutely HATE how they inserted random “CANON!” and “LE CANON!” sound bites all over the record. I can barely listen to some of the tracks because it’s so annoying! I understand this is part and parcel of the “mixtape,” but c’mon. I really hope it wasn’t Canon that did it because that’s a little narcissistic :) and, well, it sounds terrible.

    I really like the hip hop sampling in some of the tracks (Rise, Church Clothes, Sacrifice) and I hope Lecrae goes in that direction.

  23. Smacky X says:

    Despit the incredible creativity, passion and lyrical genius this album contains. I feel that as a hip-hop album, it lacks the relevance and intensity that only the “f-word” can provide. :P

  24. Smacky X says:

    What? Too soon?

  25. TheDman says:

    I agree with both of the above. Cuss words and lines about scantily clad women are definitely clearly lacking and are an obvious setback to the album. But he also needed to rap more about his experiences “pushin weight” for it to really be relevant in hip hop.

  26. lil jay says:

    the track is good especially the songs “sacrifice” and “rejects” but does anyone know the lyrics of the chorus of sacrifice n his new albulm? like no one knows.

  27. Jared says:

    I walk into church with a SnapBack, and dey tellin me that’s a no-no?

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