News From Verona – All I Know is I Know Nothing

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News From Verona – All I Know is I Know Nothing
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Title: All I Know is I Know Nothing
Label: n/a
Release Date: July 6, 2010
Review By: BMer

Track Listing:

1. So Long
2. All I Know Is I Know Nothing
3. Victory
4. Childish Things
5. Liars

All I Know is I Know Nothing is the latest release from Indiana’s News from Verona.  There are 5 songs on the release and all of the songs are performed well, but there just isn’t enough here to set News from Verona above the rest of the crowd.  Everyone loves some catchy, pop-punk tunes and you definitely get that here.  There are no overt references to their faith; the lyrics are positive and honest songs about relationships and break-ups.  Unfortunately those themes just aren’t that unique or interesting anymore.

The music is good, especially on the opening track “So Long”. There are times of creativity like the bells on the track “All I Know is I Know Nothing” and the guitar work and pianos on “So Long”. “Victory” has a great heartfelt introduction, very subdued and serious. The chorus is super-catchy with crowd vocals and a half-time beat.  Otherwise the drums keep an upbeat pace, but nothing too fast and no overly ambitious fills to note. The overall mix on the record seems alright, but there’s definitely room for improvement.  The drums probably suffer the most; they sound very flat and muddled.

I’m not trying to be overly critical here but to succeed on the pop-punk genre you really have to bring something exciting and creative to the table. News from Verona are upbeat and appear to be very passionate about their music, but they’re going to need a great live show to continue growing their fan-base, I’m not sure if they can rely All I Know is I Know Nothing alone to break them through. Fans of the poppy sing-along punk music genre will probably enjoy this, News from Verona definitely show they can play pop-punk music well and will hopefully continue to mature as a band.

OVERALL All I know is I Know Nothing is a fine effort and I’m sure fans of this genre will be singing along with the catchy tracks.  There are reasons to be optimistic about News from Verona’s future, but they need to find a way to be more than just another generic pop-punk band.  This hard-working outfit is putting the pieces together to move from smalltime local act to the national stage.

News From Verona - All I Know is I Know Nothing, 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings Phd Thesis On Human Trafficking.

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12 Responses to 'News From Verona – All I Know is I Know Nothing'

  1. Saw these guys at Cornerstone this year in a small tent before Children 18:3…. It was catchy enough like you say but I’m not into pop punk enough to care too much.

  2. Hey everyone! Thanks so much for coming over to read the review and support Indie Vision Music. It’s a great place to network and learn about music.

    I wanted to stop by, say “hey,” and comment on the review on behalf of the band. I’m not here to simply disagree with what was said or to start a riot, trust me! All I’m asking is for you to look deeper into the record. I believe that what IVM said is true if you only scan through our record without much thought. I also believe that what they said could be valid even if you listen to the record intently. Now, of course, my point is that I don’t believe most people would think that.

    I urge you to dig deep into the songs and really feel them. If you’re looking for some depth, a great place to start is “Childish Things.” Concentrate on the 2nd verse and experience a unique feeling about your relationship with God. This record is about a Christian struggling with real life. Not with vices, but with the things inside a person–the issues that are so complex that most fail to accurately describe them with words.

    In addition, I want to say that you, as a listener reading a record review, should focus on the record. Don’t give us extra props just for working hard or being passionate about what we do. In the same vein, don’t dislike the record if you dislike our live show–they are two very different aspects of a band. Just a thought!

    Again, this is simply a comment on a good review from a really great website. I consider it an honor to be considered for review. Best of luck to everyone at IVM as they continue to make a splash in the scene!

  3. JessicaIsCliche says:

    At first, I admit, I was a little skeptical about the new album. However, seeing the boys perform the songs a handful of times, it grew on me. Then, I actually took time out of my day to sit down and listen to the whole CD. I feel News From Verona is a very talented band, but there is always room for improvement. The lyrics are meaningful and something that their peers and others can relate to. Which is a major plus to me.
    Not only do they put on a great show, I feel they put a lot of hard work into this album and to me, it defiantly shows.
    I just wanted to say good luck to the band I hope you guys get where you’re going.

  4. Brittany Feilen says:

    Being someone who pays great attention to lyrics and their meaning, I strongly disagree with the statement about these boys not bringing anything special to the Pop Punk World.

    As an eighteen year-old, getting ready to head off to college, trying to maintain my values, morals, and faith, I can really relate to this album as well as their other songs. Josh and Chad sing about the challenges that Christian teens face regularly.

    Their song “Childish Things” is about trying to follow and please God and the struggles we sometimes face in doing so. I find this theme most clearly shown in the following verse; “All this Is a struggle to be something more in the eyes of the one that you’re breathing for. The harder I try to be true, the faster I suddenly fail to remember you.”

    A previously released song, “Coming of Age,” talks about making good decisions instead of ones that are not safe, respectable, or Godly. “Man, how you’ve changed. Falling further everyday. Going where you know I’ll never go, it’s all I can say.” “Now that you’re of age, you have earned the right to waste everything we’ve made. To float into the crowd. Would it make your Father proud, to see you lost in all this sound? Drowning out your voice; polluting every choice.”

    In every song you can find lyrics about avoiding peer pressure, being honest, making good choices, doing what’s right, pleasing God, etc. (If anyone needs more examples, I’d be happy to point out more. :) )

    Josh, Chad, Dalton, Nathan, and Dan are all real people who are truly inspirational and great role models; you definitely don’t see that in most Pop Punk bands.

  5. some great comments here! the point i was making about the lyrics was that there weren’t any “overt” references to their faith. as a Christian myself i was able to read the lyrics and make connections to the struggles being a Christian, but i’m not so sure a non-believer, or someone who doesn’t pay close attention to lyrics, would be able to make the distinctions that you guys are making. I gave these songs a ton of time, a few days non-stop, i like the songs and i agree that these guys are doing pretty well. I’m not a big fan of this genre so it take a lot to really get my attention and that’s what i was trying to say with the review.

    i’m really glad that Nathan came on here and gave us a little more insight to the lyrics. We like this band, we’ll continue to get the word about these guys and this release, and i’m glad fans are coming on here and explaining how the lyrics are perceived to them.

  6. Michele says:

    I feel that this band’s lyrics do a great job of connecting not only to Christians, but also to non-Christians. Let’s be honest, Christians are not the only ones who struggle with God or knowing what is right and wrong, and News From Verona definitely can connect to both crowds through their lyrics. These boys are passionate about their music, and it shows! I personally was blown away the first time I listened to this EP. I had seen their live show, and it was good, but I didn’t expect the EP to sound like i did (which was great!) Personally, I believe that they are different than other pop-punk bands, but one has to look deeper to really notice. Things are going to pick up fast for these boys!

  7. chutterhanban says:

    Hey BMer! Nice profile pic, lol. GO ROCKIES!

    and no, i’m not really a baseball fan, so i’m willing to ride atop anyone’s bandwagon… :)

  8. chutterhanban says:

    p.s. that was (and this is) nathan commenting with my brand spankin new account!

  9. JonWestra says:

    I love the sound and drive of NFV! Keep the tunes coming! Where can I see you in concert? Do you ever make it out to the NorthWest?

  10. pappajonthepizzaman says:

    I predict that in 2 years this band will be one of the bigger names around. Tell me about the name. Why News From Verona????

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