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November 10, 2016

REVIEW : To Speak Of Wolves - New Bones EP

It’s been a very quiet handful of years for the North Carolina metal act “To Speak Of Wolves”. After releasing the thunderous “Find Your Worth, Come Home,” they vanished from the music scene with little having to say about it. Four years later, they’ve come back from the dead releasing an EP and a relentless touring schedule. It’s a worrisome thing coming back after so much time passing. Usually when bands take years off, they return with only a hint of what they once had simply because they lost the sound they used to call their own.… Continued →

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January 28, 2009

REVIEW : Hopeless Passion - Everything You Ever Wanted

Band: Hopeless Passion Album: Everything You Ever Wanted Label: None Reviewed by: Tyler Hess Coming from what seems to be a musical hotbed lately in Fresno, CA, Hopeless Passion brings us what mostly amounts to a very rough cut of mostly pop-punk stylings, but with some twists that glean from hip hop and rock. This is a project that just screams “hey, we did this ourselves!” They are a two man show, with the percussion being done on the instrument that we call a computer, which leads to very simple beats and vocals that rarely (at least until the last four songs or so) go outside of a small, simple, basic pop-punk box.… Continued →

August 24, 2008

REVIEW : Orion Walsh "Tornado Lullabies"

Artist: Orion Walsh Album: Tornado Lullabies Label: None Review by: Brandon Jones Myspace Tracklist:
  1. Legend of Young Billy
  2. Throwing in the Towel
  3. The Last American Boy
  4. Starting Over on a Western Shore
  5. Melt With the Snow
  6. Transient Blues
  7. Tornado Lullaby
  8. When Will They Come For Us
  9. The War He Couldn’t Win
  10. Look Around
Well it’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything closely resembling what you might consider a “review”. I approached this album from the fan standpoint, excited for the mere prospect of owning it and gathering up enough time to listen through all 10 tracks.… Continued →

August 7, 2008

REVIEW : My Epic - I Am Undone

Artist: My Epic Album: I Am Undone Review by: Kimberly Johnson In this day and age, bands sadly overlook the good old prologue of an album. It’s the first thing a listener hears when they pop in the disk! It’s what carries the rest of the album out! The even sadder thing is, most music listeners over look the prologue of an album even more then the artist do! My Epic on the other hand take every opportunity to grab ahold of our ears, reel us in, and believe it or not, keep our attention.… Continued →