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October 19, 2009

REVIEW : Ives The Band - The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch

Artist: Ives The Band Album: The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch Label: Independent Release Date: 10/1/09 Reviewed By: Tyler Hess Tracklisting:
  1. Funfair
  2. The Joker
  3. The Hero
  4. Archie The Equilibrist
  5. Mr. Birch
  6. The Ringleader
  7. Bye Bye Mr. Moon
  8. Colonel Maxwell
  9. The Lonely One
  10. Reprise
Sayings are funny sometimes.  They say you can’t judge a book by the cover, but they also say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Ives the Band has thrown a wrench in the works, however, by having the cover art be for an album instead of a book and the lyrics to back them up.… Continued →

September 6, 2009

REVIEW : Same as Sunday - The Dollar For Dollar EP

Artist: Same as Sunday Album: The Dollar for Dollar EP Label: Independently Released Release Date: 7/7/09 Reviewer:Tyler Hess Tracklisting:
  1. An Ode To Ms. Communication
  2. In My Way
  3. Against All Evens
  4. One In A Million
  5. 2 In the AM
Not only am I the pop-punk fanboy around here, but I’m also the resident Simpsons aficionado.  Sometimes when trying to describe a band, all I can really think to do is quote some random pop culture reference.  I figure if they do it, so can I. … Continued →

August 18, 2009

July 28, 2009

July 21, 2009

July 16, 2009

July 9, 2009

REVIEW : Prologue - The World At Midnight

Artist: Prologue Album: The World At Midnight Release Date: 12/5/008 Reviewer: Tyler Hess Tracklisting: 1. Days Pass By 2. It Was All For Me 3. Catching Z’s 4. No Reason To Fear 5. Ready To Save 6. Faults 7. Wonderful 8. When Your Mind Clears I believe that, at least for me, creativity breeds creativity.  Sometimes a band has brought something so fresh that it just makes my mind go bananas.  Other times, a band is so cut and dry that I feel like I’m saying the obvious. … Continued →

June 26, 2009

REVIEW : Eleventyseven - Adventures In Eville

Artist: Eleventyseven Album: Adventures In Eville Label: Independent Released: 6/16/09 Reviewer: Tyler Hess Tracklisting:
  1. Nightmare
  2. The Best I can
  3. Evil Genius
  4. Trying
  5. Redeem The Scene
  6. Prom Song
  7. Lonely Word
  8. Back When We Were Kids
  9. Like You Rock
  10. End Of Time
I don’t think that the wool is going to be pulled over anyone’s eyes with this band, I think after three releases it is pretty obvious where this band is at musically and I doubt anything is going to change any time soon.… Continued →

June 17, 2009

May 15, 2009

May 9, 2009

REVIEW : Emery - ...In Shallow Seas We Sail

I bolded many, many words in this review, especially the word Emery, which was put in bold letters very often, so if you can forgive that, then please read this early review of their upcoming release

March 27, 2009

March 23, 2009

REVIEW : FM Static - Dear Diary

Artist: FM Static Album: Dear Diary Label: Tooth & Nail Release Date: 4/7/2009 Reviewer: Tyler Hess Tracklisting: 1. Boy Moves To A New Town With Optimistic Outlook 2. The Unavoidable Battle Of Feeling On The Outside 3. Boy Meets Girl (And Visa Versa) 4. Sometimes You Can Forget Who You Are 5. Man Whatcha Doin’? 6. The Voyager Of Beliefs 7. Her Father’s Song 8. Take Me As I Am 9. Dear God 10. The Shindig (Off To College) If you wanted something different, you’re really barking up the wrong tree.… Continued →

March 11, 2009

February 26, 2009

January 28, 2009

REVIEW : Hopeless Passion - Everything You Ever Wanted

Band: Hopeless Passion Album: Everything You Ever Wanted Label: None Reviewed by: Tyler Hess Coming from what seems to be a musical hotbed lately in Fresno, CA, Hopeless Passion brings us what mostly amounts to a very rough cut of mostly pop-punk stylings, but with some twists that glean from hip hop and rock. This is a project that just screams “hey, we did this ourselves!” They are a two man show, with the percussion being done on the instrument that we call a computer, which leads to very simple beats and vocals that rarely (at least until the last four songs or so) go outside of a small, simple, basic pop-punk box.… Continued →