Album Review :
Alakrity - Whatever Happened To Good TV?

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Artist: Alakrity
Album: Whatever Happened To Good TV?
Label: n/a
Released: n/a
Reviewer: Tyler Hess

1. Good Luck, We’re All Counting On You
2. Beyond Belief
3. A Better Me
4. The Truth Is
5. A Friend’s Point Of View
6. Just Words
7. After How Hard I Tried
8. Wait Up
9. Seven Minutes After
10. Abbey’s Song
11. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I’m going to go ahead and assume that I was given this CD to review simply because I’m the only one around here that has the guts to listen to it.  Among all the metal and hardcore fans we’ve got around here, I’m generally the one that gets the pleasure (or dismay, at times) of getting anything related to pop rock or punk.  Just about every band that I can compare Alakrity to has been reviewed by me in the last 7 or 8 months.  Nevermind the potential jadedness that one can find when listening to way too much music, I think about Alakrity pretty much the same that I would think of similar bands such as Philmont, Eleventyseven, Stellar Kart and an early, early Relient K.  Let’s take a fun pop approach to music, throw in a few pop culture references, then sing them quickly enough and quirky enough that no matter how typical they are that they’ll still be fun enough to catch onto without hesitation.  It isn’t all that different from going to a popcorn flick at the theaters.  You know that the hero is going to walk away from a few buildings that are going to explode right behind him (or her), but you still show up because it is fun and a distraction from whatever else might be going on in your life.  Now if only they knew what good TV is.