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October 14, 2019

REVIEW : The Devil Wears Prada - The Act

Longtime metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada is back with an incredible album that should be the surprise of the year. Let’s be honest, metalcore has become somewhat predictable with only a few bands making quality music. Even still, it’s become stagnant as there has been very little growth in the genre over the past decade. This is where The Act comes into play. The group’s 7th album travels into unknown territory and gives us a glimpse of what metalcore can be. The Act is a multi-dimmensional album spitting of fury, emotion, and angst.… Continued →

August 17, 2018

REVIEW : Weathered - Stranger Here

Weathered is Facedown Records newest addition and is unarguably the most anticipated release in some time in the scene. While Facedown prides itself on an always esteemed roster of metal bands, the signing of Weathered might be a head scratcher, if the album wasn’t so good. Starting the Minnesota 4-piece’s first LP, “Burn” prepares the listener for what the album has to offer. The first track starts off with clean and reverb-filled guitar as vocalist Justin Hieb sings with an eeriness and creates an atmosphere the likes of which Brand New would be jealous.… Continued →

March 2, 2018


LOYALS may fill the hole in your musical heart that longs for good pop music. No, we’re not talking about computer generated beats with autotune. We’re talking about real musicians that play memorable songs that are beyond catchy. The first couple of songs offer a few glimpses of what LOYALS has to offer. They’re fairly catchy, however the highlights of the album begins with the single “Skyline.” The song is a lighthearted account of a first date gone wrong. Lyrically, it’s a story that many can relate with and it’s that kind of nostalgia that will keep this song in the heads of many.… Continued →

December 5, 2017

REVIEW : Phinehas - Dark Flag

You probably didn’t realize it, but Phinehas has been around for nearly 18 years. Although they only rose from obscurity in 2011 with their debut album Thegodmachine, Phinehas has now put out another reason why they are becoming the giants in the genre. Freshly signed to Solid State Records, the California metal band puts out their most technical and stunning release to date. Dark Flag is a concept album that doesn’t necessarily tell a story, but follows a theme of struggle in a violent and oppressing regime.… Continued →

November 8, 2017

REVIEW : Red - Gone

For over 10 years, Red has been a staple in the music scene rising quickly to fame from their incredible debut album. Over these years they’ve released relatively consistent solid albums. The only exception is the 2013 “Release the Panic;” a subpar and disappointing effort. On the adverse, 2015’s “Of Beauty & Rage” was the band’s greatest achievement. It was a journey through hell and escaping to heaven much like The Divine Comedy – a theme from their music since “Innocence & Instinct” in 2008. Coming off from their strongest album, how does this newest LP hold up?… Continued →

October 19, 2017

REVIEW : MyChildren MyBride - Vicious World

It’s been five years since metalcore giants MyChildren MyBride have released new music. The absence has been felt twice as hard with the hiatus of too many bands in the same genre. Down to just two band members, MCMB travels into uncharted territory with this long awaited album. The theme of the album becomes clear during the first song, and it’s dramatic and hard to relate to. The world of gothic vampires surrounds the entire album in both lyrics and the musical waters. It could pass nicely for a song or two, but throughout the album it becomes too much.… Continued →

November 22, 2016

REVIEW : Decyfer Down - The Other Side Of Darkness

The North Carolina rockers known as Decyfer Down came back from oblivion with “Scarecrow” in 2013. It was a surprise of an album venturing into riffs and southern hooks that took heavy influences from vocalist TJ Harris and his previous band Fighting Instinct. The album was a sweet breath from what one might expect from the radio-ready rock group. Unfortunately, “Scarecrow” received mix reception and fell under too many radars. The good news is that they’re back with a heavier effort and look to be sticking around.… Continued →

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October 19, 2009

REVIEW : Ives The Band - The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch

Artist: Ives The Band Album: The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch Label: Independent Release Date: 10/1/09 Reviewed By: Tyler Hess Tracklisting:
  1. Funfair
  2. The Joker
  3. The Hero
  4. Archie The Equilibrist
  5. Mr. Birch
  6. The Ringleader
  7. Bye Bye Mr. Moon
  8. Colonel Maxwell
  9. The Lonely One
  10. Reprise
Sayings are funny sometimes.  They say you can’t judge a book by the cover, but they also say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Ives the Band has thrown a wrench in the works, however, by having the cover art be for an album instead of a book and the lyrics to back them up.… Continued →

September 6, 2009

REVIEW : Same as Sunday - The Dollar For Dollar EP

Artist: Same as Sunday Album: The Dollar for Dollar EP Label: Independently Released Release Date: 7/7/09 Reviewer:Tyler Hess Tracklisting:
  1. An Ode To Ms. Communication
  2. In My Way
  3. Against All Evens
  4. One In A Million
  5. 2 In the AM
Not only am I the pop-punk fanboy around here, but I’m also the resident Simpsons aficionado.  Sometimes when trying to describe a band, all I can really think to do is quote some random pop culture reference.  I figure if they do it, so can I. … Continued →

July 28, 2009

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July 9, 2009

REVIEW : Prologue - The World At Midnight

Artist: Prologue Album: The World At Midnight Release Date: 12/5/008 Reviewer: Tyler Hess Tracklisting: 1. Days Pass By 2. It Was All For Me 3. Catching Z’s 4. No Reason To Fear 5. Ready To Save 6. Faults 7. Wonderful 8. When Your Mind Clears I believe that, at least for me, creativity breeds creativity.  Sometimes a band has brought something so fresh that it just makes my mind go bananas.  Other times, a band is so cut and dry that I feel like I’m saying the obvious. … Continued →

June 26, 2009

REVIEW : Eleventyseven - Adventures In Eville

Artist: Eleventyseven Album: Adventures In Eville Label: Independent Released: 6/16/09 Reviewer: Tyler Hess Tracklisting:
  1. Nightmare
  2. The Best I can
  3. Evil Genius
  4. Trying
  5. Redeem The Scene
  6. Prom Song
  7. Lonely Word
  8. Back When We Were Kids
  9. Like You Rock
  10. End Of Time
I don’t think that the wool is going to be pulled over anyone’s eyes with this band, I think after three releases it is pretty obvious where this band is at musically and I doubt anything is going to change any time soon.… Continued →

May 15, 2009

May 9, 2009

REVIEW : Emery - ...In Shallow Seas We Sail

I bolded many, many words in this review, especially the word Emery, which was put in bold letters very often, so if you can forgive that, then please read this early review of their upcoming release