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Residing in suburban Los Angeles, I have been in the music scene since I was a teenager. Obviously had phases in and out of genres but for the most part invest in anything Rock and Roll ranging from Punk, Pop Punk, Metalcore, Hardcore, Alternative. Whatever is guitar driven and drum orientated is my specialty. Also do flimed interviews with bands for IVM. If you want insides to our interviews follow me @MitchIVM.

August 26, 2013

INTERVIEW : Hotel Books

Recently I got to interview Cam Smith of Hotel books through Facebook Instant Messenger. Find out what it is like to tour as a spoken word artist, Who he has enjoyed playing shows with, and the meaning behind his words and songs.

August 16, 2013

INTERVIEW : The Ongoing Concept

The Ongoing Concept, releasing their debut album “Saloon” via Solid State Records, gave me the opportunity to interview them in light of their album release.  Check them out of Facebook for latest news regarding their album, tours, etc.
Keith: With “Saloon” about to come out, what are somethings that are going to set this album apart from the others that have been released in 2013?
Dawson: I am in no way exaggerating when I say I have  listened to this album at least 2000 times in total.
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August 7, 2013

July 30, 2013

July 28, 2013

July 26, 2013

INTERVIEW : Silent Planet

An interview with Garrett Russell from Silent Planet. Check out their new song "Darkstrand (Hibakusha)" on YouTube and his guest vocals on "Dyson Sphere" from the latest Phinehas album "The Last Words are Yours to Speak."

March 24, 2012

March 11, 2012

March 10, 2012

INTERVIEW : IVM Presents: Oh Sleeper (Video Interview)

Indie Vision Music interviewed Micah Kinard of OH, SLEEPER recently at the Glass House in Pomona California. We find out some awesome things about their latest album “Children of Fire” and also hear about how Micah feels about being on the last Haste the Day Record. Filmed in HD by John Mediana (@johnmediana) with Interview done by Keith Settles (@KeithSettles) for Indie Vision Music. Continued →

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