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Kiros - Outlaws And Prodigals EP

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Artist: Kiros

Album: Outlaws And Prodigals EP

Record Label: ANGR Records

Release: September 27th, 2011

  1. Outlaws And Prodigals
  2. Deperation Calls
  3. Outlaws And Prodigals (Acoustic)

Kiros is set to release their three song “Outlaws and Prodigals EP” September 27th on ANGR Records.  A three track EP featuring two original songs and the third being an acoustic version of the title track.  

Track one “Outlaws and Prodigals” pops with a nifty drum fill into an explosion of distorted guitars. All the while a nicely toned tremolo picked lead with clouds of reverb covering everything else like a blanket.  A great way to begin things up till the verse where everything dies out. A palm muted rhythm section that obviously does not fill the ears with sound so it gets covered up by an acoustic guitar and a string section covering the foundation.  There is nothing wrong with the way they did things, but it all just seems like filler.  Just filling in a boring section with something to keep from sounding mundane. 

The same can be said about the second track “Desperation Calls”.  A decent intro that goes into a verse with a melody that does not catch any attention from the listener. Nothing to special up till the bridge with a section of group singing resounds.  Probably a fun song to hear live but after a few listens gets repetative and redundant after a while. 

The songs from section to section have a pretty decent flow.  Both songs contain pretty basic song structure through out with no real surprises.  Decent vocals with decent melody help the songs go from point A to point B. There is great tone in the singing but do not contain a lot of variation and lack emotion.  Best way would have been to probably raise the key of the songs a half to maybe a full step.  You want the vocalist to be comfortable but for the style a little more emotion would be more effective.

Overall: This may be a pretty short review but what is there to really say about two songs?  Lyrically nothing to riveting but definitely rings true in a Gospel sense. It has the potential to keep people going for a little until it gets over played.  The lack of variation leaves this release unappealing.  I do look forward to hearing what this band has to come.  What seems to be a rush in production shows the signs of great potential. I suggest if you enjoy this band you pick up “Outlaws and Prodigals EP” by Kiros and decide for yourself.

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