Album Review :
Same as Sunday - The Dollar For Dollar EP

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Artist: Same as Sunday

Album: The Dollar for Dollar EP

Label: Independently Released

Release Date: 7/7/09

Reviewer:Tyler Hess


  1. An Ode To Ms. Communication
  2. In My Way
  3. Against All Evens
  4. One In A Million
  5. 2 In the AM

Not only am I the pop-punk fanboy around here, but I’m also the resident Simpsons aficionado.  Sometimes when trying to describe a band, all I can really think to do is quote some random pop culture reference.  I figure if they do it, so can I.  In one particularly memorable moment, someone asks grandpa Simpson “Are trying to stall us? Or are you just senile?” Grandpa Simpson’s response is one of his classic lines, “A little from column A and a little from column B.  When Same as Sunday defined their sound it seems as if they took a little from the Amber Pacific pop-punk style of column A and they took a little from hardcore scene’s Column B of group vocals, to come out with what seems to be nothing more than a minor variation on what we’ve heard from enough bands before.

When it comes to song writing, it seems as if Same as Sunday has drawn from the older Relient K handbook that seems to have infiltrated Christian pop punk like crazy over the last few years, as can be seen even in the song titles.  Although this 5 song ep can be heard over and over rather quickly, I’ll honestly say that it could be listened to even quicker if you just listen to the one song that is actually memorable, which is “Against All Evens”, an anthemic song about being “the underdog” in Davidic fashion.  The rest of the songs fall along the spectrum of the quirky Philmont/Eleventyseven stylings of fast and silly songs like “One in a Million” to the Secondhand/Everyday Sunday/Amber Pacific style like in “In My Way”.

Summary: If you’re into “funny” pop-punk bands like the ones I’ve mentioned above then there should be no stopping you from checking out one more band that falls in the same category, but I have a feeling that there is too much of this going around for yet another band to make a name for themselves, at least much of one.