Album Review :
Future of Forestry - Travel (EP)

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Artist: Future of Forestry
Album: Travel
Label: Credential
Release Date: 5/5/09
Reviewed By: Tyler Hess

1. Traveler’s Song
2. This Hour
3. Colors In Array
4. Close Your Eyes
5. Closer To Me
6. Halleluiah

Well, now that Travel II is almost out, we might as well say something about the first of the series of Travel EP’s, right?  Future of Forestry isn’t new to the game by any means, in fact I remember over two years ago I saw them headlining a small show in Laguna Hills.  Well, I sort of saw them.  What I really came for were the two warm up acts, a couple of pop-punk bands from the area (Olivia the Band and Safe Haven), but stayed for a little while afterward.  I remember pretty distinctly that they opened with a prayer and about a ten minute instrumental piece.  I think I stayed for one more song before I couldn’t really take any more.  I came for a punk show, got it, and didn’t need the chill down time.  It was obvious that they could do their thing, but I wasn’t into it.  The same held true when I first got Travel.  I really didn’t want to like this, I told myself not to like this, I convinced myself not to like this.  On the road to not liking this, I liked this.  It took me way too long to get into this 6 song EP, but in the end it is obvious that Future of Forestry writes beautiful indie rock, probably better than their contemporaries like Cool Hand Luke and My Epic (though many in here would probably have my head for this statement if I didn’t live so far from them).  The purest example I can find is in the song “Colors In Array”, which belts out some of the finest singing I’ve heard in some time.  The only thing that really stops me from liking this more is the style, which tends to be the put me to sleep type more than the wake me up and get me going type, which is what I generally need to stay focused on what I’m doing and on the music at the same time.

Summary: The songs can be a bit forgettable in themselves overall, but as an album this is pretty darn peaceful.