Album Review :
Eleventyseven - Adventures In Eville

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Artist: Eleventyseven
Album: Adventures In Eville
Label: Independent
Released: 6/16/09
Reviewer: Tyler Hess

  1. Nightmare
  2. The Best I can
  3. Evil Genius
  4. Trying
  5. Redeem The Scene
  6. Prom Song
  7. Lonely Word
  8. Back When We Were Kids
  9. Like You Rock
  10. End Of Time

I don’t think that the wool is going to be pulled over anyone’s eyes with this band, I think after three releases it is pretty obvious where this band is at musically and I doubt anything is going to change any time soon. When Elevenyseven first came out with “And The Land Of The Fake Believe” they had a pretty prototypical pop punk sound, which they altered slightly with a more synthetic electronic sound on “Galactic Conquest”. Having spurned some offers from labels, they decided to make “Adventures In Eville” an independent release, yet the production hasn’t dropped off a bit. In fact, it is quite easy for me to say that this band has definitely refined their sound and have defined what they are as a band with this album. No, this music will never be for the music snob, but it can easily be accepted by the fan of pop music.

The songs come out in pretty standard fashion, with lyrics that tend to be more relatable for the younger crowd. It isn’t like I’m going to be going to prom any time soon, but that doesn’t make the song any less fun. Yes, they tend to be a bit too into the Relient K style of lyricism, which no one really matches up with well, but they still do it better than most. If I had to pick one song out of this litter to stick with, it would definitely be “Redeem The Scene”, which serves as the best rock anthem. The songs do run together a bit and I forget most of the time which song is which, but I also never really feel like hitting that infamous “skip” button either. These are just some fun songs, that tend to only touch lightly on spiritual issues, but not really straying far from that either.

Overall: This electronic pop-punk band hasn’t changed much, but they have cleaned it up a bit and put out a complete album of pop tunes that are hard to not enjoy. I mean, really, you have to be one of those bitter people to not like this a little bit. You and your angry eyes don’t scare me.