Album Review :
Bluetree - Greater Things

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Artist: Bluetree
Album: Greater Things
Label: Lucid Artist
Release Date: 3/3/09
Reviewer: Tyler Hess

01. Life’s Noise
02. Burn Me Up
03. For You
04. God’s Plan
05. God of this City (Greater Things)
06. Each Day
07. When I Survey
08. Oh My God
09. River
10. Who Has Held?
11. Your Love
12. Standing Out
13. Your Love (Strings Mix)

Apparently to get anything different and creative in the circles of “worship” music we have to go outside of the United States.  When you aren’t too busy practicing songs from Hillsong, you might want to check out this talented band from Ireland.  That is, of course, unless you refuse to sing songs in church if they aren’t 1970’s pop rock or 1870’s hymns.  It almost saddens me that it only took a few driving guitars and well placed keys to appreciate a worship CD for being more than just a prototypical worship band.  Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t quite reach epic Leeland Sound of Melodies status, but there is enough in here to give the chance to reflect upon the encouraging words of wisdom, to worship the Lord and to have the ears pleased.  I truly believe that when worshiping the Lord through music that He deserves the best, just as He does through all forms of worship, so its nice to hear something that can be used within the context of a congregation and an ipod.

Overall: The album (and individual songs) run a bit long (6 or 7 minute songs are a bit difficult for a punk fan like myself to handle) and tend to run on the slow side at times, but this would be great for one of those afterglow type services or more reflective times.