Album Review :
J'espere - Live As Loud As You Can

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Artist: J’espere

Album: Live As Loud As You Can

Reviewer: Tyler Hess


  1. Feeling Of Heaven
  2. Here I Go
  3. How Long Has It Been
  4. Shut Inside
  5. You Make Me
  6. Live As Loud As You Can
  7. Truth
  8. Diaries

When it comes to female fronted Christian rock, it is terribly difficult to steer clear of comparisons to three bands: Paramore, Fireflight and Flyleaf. Thankfully, none of those apply to this indie rock band, J’espere, who has come out with an 8 track EP entitled Live As Loud as You Can. With a title like that you’d expect something pretty in your face, but for the most part it is more of a melancholy atmosphere of music, bringing my mind back to the music of Fiona Apple, if anyone can remember that far back. The songs are a bit sporadic, with a heavy emphasis on percussion, with clanging symbols seemingly taking over just about every song. Despite its very overtly Christian lyrics, I can see only imagine this music being played in some seedy underground bar scene for some reason. The best thing they have going for them is the title track, “Live As Loud As You Can”, which I could totally see working as a radio hit, if only the production was up there. If they stick to that kind of a song they have a chance to do something, anything else and they’re going to be staying underground with the dinosaurs.

Overall: J’espere is an indie rock band that may have some kinds to work out in their armor, but there are some underlying qualities that some will be able to appreciate for what they are.


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