Album Review :
Constant Recourse - Remain

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Artist: Constant Recourse
Album: Remain
Reviewer: Tyler Hess

1. Still I Need
2. God Save Us All
3. Convince Myself
4. Hold On
5. Where Are You
6. Exposed
7. Love Me First
8. Make Me Strong
9. Washed
10. Less Bitter
11. Nothing To Live For
12. Nightly Amnesia

There are times when it take me about a minute into an album to come to the conclusion that I’m just not, or at least shouldn’t be, the target market for this stuff.  There are also times when I start way too many reviews by starting it with “there are times”, but I’m not here to tell you about how lame I am, that’s your job.  My job here is to tell you that Constant Recourse is a pop rock band that is simply going to reach a much younger audience.  This isn’t just because the vocals are a bit cutesy and not likely to grab the awesome factor from an old man, but more importantly because the lyrics are simply simplistic and immature.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact these songs should be encouraging to the youth crowds, it is just that they aren’t incredibly deep, intricate or original.  If they push themselves a bit harder to create art and not just a song, then I could see something fruitful coming, but as for now I’ve just heard a bit better.

If you like a band like Hazel & Vine or…I don’t know…a thousand other independent pop rock bands, then you might find this amusing.  They do show some hints of decency along the lines of The Almost, but it just isn’t quite there.