Album Review :
Kristian Stanfill - Attention

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Artist: Kristian Stanfill
Album: Attention
Label: sixsteprecords
Release Date: 4/21/09
Reviewer: Tyler Hess

1. Alive and Running
2. Kingdom
3. Lord of All
4. Go
5. Beautiful Jesus
6. Wake Up
7. Faithful
8. I Need You
9. Glowing
10. Lead Us On
11. You Will Always Be

I’m conflicted.  On the one hand, Kristian Stanfill is the typical CCM worship/rock crossover singer/songwriter that has no business being covered on a more scene friendly site.  On the other hand, is it really all that bad to once in awhile to appreciate straight forward music that proclaims things that we as Christians hold onto, despite its lack of creativity?  There isn’t anything on here that makes me cry tears of boredom, in fact it is quite easy to listen to the songs without blinking an eye, especially since the fifth song, Beautiful Jesus, is played often at my home church.  I had heard this song a ton of times before I had even heard the name of the band.  On the other hand, it feels like there isn’t anything that he does that separates him from a thousand worship teams in a thousand churches other than pretty good production put onto a CD.  This is simply a collection of songs for congregational worship, so there is no reason to knock it, even if it is a bit of an odd one to receive for review around these parts.

Overall: Kristian Stanfill is simply the poor man’s Hillsong and you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear a song or two at your church if you go to a church that has moved past your grandfather’s hymns.