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July 28, 2009

June 1, 2009

May 5, 2009


To start off, you guys played an amazing set. You all definitely opened up the show super well and gained so much respect from a lot of my friends.   Aww, thank you so much.   No problem at all. I know Aaron mentioned onstage that you guys are definitely one of the lighter bands on the Facedown bill and that could make people skeptic.Continued →

April 30, 2009

INTERVIEW : A Plea For Purging

Interview conducted with Andy of A Plea For Purging at Facedown Fest 09. Alright, well first off, we’re just conversing. I’m not down for the interview process today! Sweet! We’re just chillin’! Exactly! Well I have to say your new stuff is sounding pristine. What’s the whole writing and recording process like for you guys in general and how has it differed this time around?Continued →

October 16, 2008


(Email Interview) A big thanks to Mattie for answering these questions! (Photocredit:
KimIVM- Alrighty, well your debut full length Ekklesia released earlier this year on Facedown Records, what exactly does Ekklesia mean? How’d you guys settle on the name?
MattieFT-  Well, the Greek word Ekklesia has two meanings that I think build on each other very well. … Continued →

September 2, 2008

REVIEW : Saints Never Surrender- Brutus

Artist: Saints Never Surrender Album: Brutus Label: Blood and Ink Review By: Kimberly Johnson   Tracklisting: 1. Swan 2. This Moment 3. Companion 4. Protecotor 5. Lost To Time 6. The End To The Epic 7. Gather The Forces 8. Mapping The Years 9. The Quest 10. The Quest 11. The Last Defender   The first sound I was welcomed with was the strumming of finely tuned acoustic guitars.… Continued →

August 28, 2008

REVIEW : Sever Your Ties- Safety In the Sea

Artist: Sever Your Ties Album: Safety in the Sea Label: Solid State Release Date: July 8th Review By: Kimberly Johnson 01 Voice Like A Nova 03:16 02 After A Storm 03:02 03 Hand in Hand 02:54 04 This is What You Get 04:07 05 Captive 03:48 06 Drifting 02:58 07 Things Are Better (Left Unsaid) 03:01 08 To the Pacific 02:39 09 Here I Am 02:42 10 Ashamed 02:38 11 (Don’t Fear) the Reaper 03:34 For a band with such an evolving sound over the years, I’m pretty proud of the spot they’ve settled in with their debut full-length album, Safety in the Sea.… Continued →

August 13, 2008

REVIEW : This Beautiful Republic- Perceptions

Artist: This Beautiful Republic Album: Perceptions Label: EMI Release Date: Aug 19 Review By: Kimberly Johnson   The album begins soft and subtle with the opening track “Pain.” It’s another one of those “hate the name, love the song” type things. Maybe it’s the bluntness behind it. There’s no mystery! Oh well… Bringing smooth melodies that just cry to be kicked up a little, the song finally breaks free, falling into its catchy, upbeat, pop rock coated flare.… Continued →

August 7, 2008

REVIEW : My Epic - I Am Undone

Artist: My Epic Album: I Am Undone Review by: Kimberly Johnson In this day and age, bands sadly overlook the good old prologue of an album. It’s the first thing a listener hears when they pop in the disk! It’s what carries the rest of the album out! The even sadder thing is, most music listeners over look the prologue of an album even more then the artist do!… Continued →

August 6, 2008

INTERVIEW : Akissforjersey Interview

I have to say that talking with Tyler was probably one of the highlights of my entire life. Not only because I’m a HUGE fan of Akissforjersey, but also because it helped build my faith and find so much more clarity in my relationship with God. I also should add that from time to time Zach would come sit and join us!
Continued →

July 9, 2008

INTERVIEW : Sleeping Giant

This is LONG over due! The interview was conducted after the Scream the Prayer tour in San Bernardino, California on June 15th.   So you guys just came back from Jerusalem…That is EPIC! Dish! I want to know everything!   [Laughs] Uh, lets see: long plane rides, very hot, very hot.… Continued →

July 8, 2008

INTERVIEW : Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

I recently got the chance to have a quick phoner with vocalist Dallas Taylor of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Big thank you to Ryan Johnson for setting everything up and being the sweetest tour manager ever! Seriously, the guy is just a sweetheart!   You guys are just a couple of days into Warped so far, how are you liking it?Continued →

June 18, 2008

INTERVIEW : My Children My Bride

Things I’ve learned from conducting this interview: Leather pants are cool…pre-show rituals are over rated…and the guys from My Children My Bride are just as awesome as I could have imagined they’d be! Just for some clarity, this interview was conducted on a sweaty and historic walk to Taco Bell during the June 15th Scream the Prayer tour …Enjoy…   Alright, so we’re out here roasting.Continued →

June 17, 2008

REVIEW : Inhale Exhale- I Swear...

Band: Inhale Exhale Album: I Swear Label: Solid State Records Review by: Kimberly J Tracklisting 01. I Need A Space Ship (Instead I Got Problems) 02. Its Myself Vs. Being A Man 03. The Impatient Will Suffer 04. Is The Fact That Im Trying To Do It, Doing It For You?… Continued →

May 18, 2008

REVIEW : AKissForJersey- Victims

Artist: AKissForJersey Album: Victims Label: Tragic Hero Records Release Date: May 6, 2008 Review By: Kimberly Johnson Members/Duties: Zack Dawson- Vocals Cory Wood- Guitar, vocals Joey Allen- Drums Tyler Lucas- Bass, vocals Matt Bean- Guitar Track Listing: 1. Devices 2. Oh, Infamous City 3. Believe 4. The Fire 5. Parallels 6.… Continued →

May 10, 2008

INTERVIEW : Sever Your Ties

Mike of the So Cal bred band Sever Your Ties, so graciously allowed me a bit of his time to talk about the band, their message and their future… Kim IndieVisionMusic- For the record, state your name and what you do in Sever Your Ties. Mike- I’m Mike and I play guitar KimIVM- So how long have you been with the band?… Continued →