A Plea For Purging

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Interview conducted with Andy of A Plea For Purging at Facedown Fest 09.

Alright, well first off, we’re just conversing. I’m not down for the interview process today!

Sweet! We’re just chillin’!

Exactly! Well I have to say your new stuff is sounding pristine. What’s the whole writing and recording process like for you guys in general and how has it differed this time around?

Man, this time around it was way different than normal. With this one we secluded ourselves for like 4 months in the basement of this like lake house that one of the dudes parents owned. We just sat there for a few months and wrote this record. Blake, our guitar player, is like the primary dude. He’ll just put together a song or a bunch of riffs and we’ll all just come together and hash it out. So we just spent those months down there writing and meshing then spent a month recording in Indiana with a producer named Joey Sturgis.

Man, the whole lake house seclusion thing is sounds so nice. Well I’m personally very stoked seeing as tonight will be the first time I see you boys live.

Oh sweet!

Psshhh, yeah I’m ready! So what should I and the other first timers expect to see?

Umm, just rock-n-roll. Uh, a whole lot of sweat and spitting.

I’m pretty positive you’ll spit on me.

No way!

Yeah, it never fails. I always get spit on some how.

Aww man, well I’m really gonna try not to!

It’s all good. If it happens I’ll still walk away with a smile.

(Laughs) Right on. Well I’ll try not to. But yeah, just a lot of sweat and spit. Oh and a lot of hair flying. Not mine though; I don’t have any.

(Laughs) Nice!

Yeah, and lots of fat dudes running around onstage in clothes that are too small.

Oh man now I really can’t wait! So you guys are indeed a Christian band.

Sure are

Yep, gotta represent for JC! Well there’s a really ugly trend that says kids with a relationship with God are just lame and uncool and a whole lot of other bull. What would you say to a kid to reinforce the fact that being young and having a relationship with God is nothing but awesome in itself?

Umm, it really says plain and simple in the Bible to just not be ashamed you know, and not to hide God. Why be ashamed of…like the creator of the whole world you know? Why be ashamed of the creator of YOU? That’s just like huge! We’re really suppose to fulfill this great commission. As far as metal bands go it’s not like God NEEDS anymore metal bands or NEEDS this scene, but he does need passionate people who are willing to talk about God however it may be.

So true. I think it’s never a valid thing to be ashamed of God and who you are in Him and who He is in you. Well I see some ink here, I’m diggin’ it. What would you say to those people that sort of have a set belief that tattoos are purely wrong?

If they can show me in the Bible exactly where it says not to get tattoos I’ll be fine like going to get laser removal or whatever. They can try and spit out some Leviticus law, but it’s majorly misquoted when people try to say that. I mean I’m ignorant on some parts of the Bible and in Christianity, but when I’m ignorant I don’t try and force those things that I don’t know about onto people so I hate when people try and tell me about something and they don’t even know what they’re saying. So I really just don’t listen to them. I just try and shake it off.

Fully agreed. Just have to keep it pushin’ sometimes. Well one thing that I love about you guys is that you’re humorous guys in a scene that gets just so amazingly serious sometimes. Where do you find time to have such great humor?

We’re really just dudes hangin’ out. We’re really not the type of dudes who try to be oh so serious and oh so tough or whatever. Metal is like really too stupid to take too seriously know what I mean. It just seems dumb to get arrogant about how serious and tough you can be. We’re just hangin’ out being crazy!

And that’s the way it should be! If you have any last comments feel free to throw them out there!

Umm well we have a headlining tour in April and May that we’re doing with a bunch of fun bands like The Great Commission, We Came As Romans, Burden Of A Day, and This Or The Apocalypse so it’s gonna be freakin’ sweet so come hang out when we’re near your town!