My Children My Bride

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Things I’ve learned from conducting this interview: Leather pants are cool…pre-show rituals are over rated…and the guys from My Children My Bride are just as awesome as I could have imagined they’d be! Just for some clarity, this interview was conducted on a sweaty and historic walk to Taco Bell during the June 15th Scream the Prayer tour …Enjoy…
Alright, so we’re out here roasting. It’s about…a million and a half degrees or so.  Why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourselves.

Matt: I’m Matthew, the singer of My Children My Bride

Robert: I’m Robert, I play guitar in My Children My Bride

Well, I guess I never really found out where the band name came from. How about you fill me in on that since I’m super lame.

Matt: (Laughs) It’s all good. When we started like a million years ago, we were all still in highschool. We, and one of our guitar members that isn’t currently with us anymore, were trying to come up with names and we all just kind of made a list. Well, he found that (My Children My Bride) in some old poem book and we were like, “Well, that sounds cool. Nobody else has a name like that right now.” So,we went with that and at the time didn’t really have a meaning for it. Over the years we’ve sort of adapted the meaning to, “God calls us his children and calls the church his bride.” So I guess it’s like God addressing everyone or something like that.

Lovely, I dig it! So how would you convince someone to give your music a chance if they were kind of old fashioned and not so up to date.

Matt: Refer to it as like Pantera or Metallica or something

Robert: Yeah, refer to it as any oldies…modernized!

Matt: Try to relate our music to something that they may of heard before.

Robert: Yeah, I would say like a heavier, modern Iron Maiden because we have a couple of songs that have a little more–

Matt: Riffage?

Robert: Yeah, more riffage goin’ on.

Matt: Riff-tacular

Robert: That usually gets them

Ok, that works! So my interviewing style is really chill and I like to ask questions that my friends and I can laugh at later on: So on a scale of 1-10 how gangster would you say you are?

Matt: 11! Is that even a question we have to answer? Look at this, (points to shoes and area on his shirt) baby blue, baby blue! (Points to sunglasses) DG!

(Laughs) Whoa! You really are gangster! So say you were a tagger, what would your tagger name be? Mine would be OG Skittles!

Matt: A tiger
Lke (Makes spray paint noise)

Matt: OH! A TAGGER! I thought you were saying tiger! That’s funny!

Matt: Hhmm…If I was a tagger what would my name be?…That’s rough dude!
Robert- Yeah, that’s random…
Matt:…Uhh…Let’s go with…Dracula!!
Ok that works! (Turns and points recorder in Robert’s face)

Robert: That’s really tough…can we come back to that?
Sure! So what’s your favorite Disney movie? I like The Little Mermaid…and Lion King.

Matt: The Emperor’s New Groove
(A fairly loud motorcycle passes by us)
Matt: That was a motorcycle that just passed by us!
(Laughs) Yeah it was!

Robert: Well, I’d have to say ‘A Goofy Movie’
(Gasps) That used to be like my favorite movie of all time! I should have said ‘A Goofy Move’!

Robert: Yeah,it’s a good one!
Definitely is!

Robert: GOOF TROOP!…Anybody?
(Laughs) I back that!

Robert: Oh man, I totally forgot about that movie till you just asked that!
Alright, so would you rather chill with an alien or a robot?

Matt: Alien!
Robert: Yeah alien!
Matt: Pssshh, robots aren’t real!
Your ipod is a robot! Your sidekick is a robot!…

Robert: Well then I’ve been chillin’ with a robot this whole time.
Matt: Exactly!
You have a valid point there…

(As we cross the street, there’s a hoard of cops there to mind the streets for the days festivities. Safety first everyone!…But we all J-Walk anyways…)
Matt: I’m crossin’ right now! Nobody can say anything!
(Laughs) Man, you are such a rebel! So which 80’s trend wouldn’t you mind coming back into fashion?

Robert: I’d definitely have to say leather pants
That’s not gonna cause some chaffing issues?…

Robert: No, I mean people wear tight jeans and I think those are actually less comfortable.
(To Matt) Any input other than leather jeans?

Matt: Umm, I don’t know. Go ask Blessed By a Broken Heart. They are the 80’s!
Pretty much! So tell me what it was like signing your first autograph, was it awkward?

Matt: (Laughs) I was like, “Why does this kid want my signature?” At the time I didn’t feel like I was that important.
Robert: It won’t mean anything till we die anyway.
Matt: Yeah, your signature doesn’t mean anything unless you’re…
Robert: Dead
Matt: Dead
Are you guys gonna dress up for Halloween this year?

Matt: Umm, last year we wanted to do Slipknot but it didn’t work out.
Well that’s not very original is it! (Laughs)

Matt: (Sarcastically) Well you’re not very original!
(Super sad pouty face)

Matt: Your questions aren’t original!
My heart is broken…I feel so bad!

Matt: Just kidding! Just kidding! But yeah, I don’t know…Where is this Taco bell!?!

Robert: (Points)
Matt: Where!? I don’t see it!
I see it! It’s over yonder… (Little inside joke, sorry)

(As we stand directly in front of some other fast food establishment)
Matt: Well what is this place? Let’s go here.
Robert: I don’t care, I just don’t know what it is.
Matt: What is this!?
(We all say simultaneously)
Robert: Is it good?
Never been there.

Robert: I don’t know dude, taco Bell’s like right over there.
Matt: You don’t wanna give Gus Jr. a try?
Robert: Gus might get me sick.
Gus might give you food poisoning.

Robert: Yeah, that too. There’s a BK lounge straight ahead.
Matt: I’m down! We ate taco Bell like 3 days ago!
(There was more to their discussion, but this was the base of it) I just witnessed the biggest debate of all time…I feel really special.

Matt: You should
Well I do! What under the radar bands do you feel we all need to check out?

Robert: Umm, depends on what kind of music your talking about because I listen to a lot of stuff.
It can be whatever. Any band that’s on your mind.

Matt: Progress In Color. Everyone go listen to Progress in Color. They’re from Oklahoma and they’re my buddies.
Robert: Great! Well now I want to say something for a friend! Umm, I really don’t know.
No problem, well everyone be sure to check out “Progress in Color!”

Matt: Where’s Burger King!?
(Laughs) It’s like right there! (Points)

Matt:…Eh, that’s to far!

Robert: You ask some tough questions
Do I really?

Robert: You’re puttin’us on the spot!
Seriously? Aww, well I’m sorry.

Robert: It’s like when you walk into a CD store and you’re like, “What should I get” and you don’t know because you forgot! But when you’re not at the store you’re like, “Dang, I gotta get that CD!”
So you’re thinking about whether you’d like to hang out with robots or aliens on a regular basis when I’m not around?…

Robert: Yes
Oh! Well ok in that case…

Robert: We were just in New Mexico so we were talking about aliens anyway.
Matt: Yeah, while we were in New Mexico, we’d look at people and we’d label them either: Alien, Alien Hunter, or Abductee.

Matt: It was a fun game, you should try it out some time.
Ok, I think I will.

Matt: You don’t have to be in Roswell…but it helps…
Robert: We should plug Braveheart. That’d be an automatic thing Joe would say.
Matt: No way! Braveheart sucks, don’t ever listen to Braveheart!…Just kidding…
Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

Robert: Wow, pre-show rituals? Not really. I just stretch my neck out. That’s about it.
(We finally enter Taco Bell)
Oh my gosh it’s so not that hot in here!

(We take a sit)
Matt: Alright, pre-show…Nothing!

Matt: Absolutely nothing! I just wing it! I wing it every night!
Nice! So when’s the last time you cried?

Matt: Cried from crying or cried from laughing? Does laughing count?
Laughing counts

Matt: (To Robert) The turtle thing was the last time I think.
Robert: (To Matt) What turtle thing? Oh, the turtle! Yeah, that was funny!
(I was doing my confused face)

Robert: It was on an episode of Rob and Big.
Matt: The one with the turtle races
I saw that one!

Matt: The one where they get the turtle from Ohio–
Robert: Then he slides down the stairs!
Matt: Yeah, he slides down the stairs! It was the funniest thing that ever happened in my entire life.
Robert: That made us cry.
Beautiful moment right there

Robert: It was hilarious!
So this will probably be one of the only serious questions I ask you guys so appreciate it! This being Father’s Day and all, tell me about the relationship you have with your father and how that’s made you the person you are today.

Robert: It’s made me better
Matt: That’s a deep question.
It is. That’s why I want to ask every band I interview today.

Matt: It’s definitely awesome how much my father supports me and that’s meant a lot to me. I’ve had a lot of family stuff happen to me with my dad though. Like my parents got divorced and it kinda even hurt my faith a little bit, but thank God that everything is ok and that I still love him and all that. So yeah, I guess it’s made me a better person to.
Robert: My parents spilt when I was 6-months old so I’ve spent a life of going back and forth. It’s definitely hard feeling like it’s your fault partially because your parents are fighting over you. Now it’s like my dad wishes he could have been that father figure with his youngest son.
You guys have similar stories to mine. (Gives high fives to both guys) Seriously, thanks for sharing.
Following the moment I decided to press stop on my recorder, Matt bought me a taco and I pretended to be paparazzi and take about a million pictures of the both of them. We goofed off for a while inside of Taco Bell and Robert ended up winning a taco! I called Matt and Robert scene because they eat at Taco bell and on the walk back to the venue they won the battle of who’s scene and who’s not scene by pointing out the fact that I have purple hair and I was wearing ripped leggings…they win…THE END =]



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