Album Review :
My Epic - I Am Undone

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Artist: My Epic
Album: I Am Undone
Review by: Kimberly Johnson

In this day and age, bands sadly overlook the good old prologue of an album. It’s the first thing a listener hears when they pop in the disk! It’s what carries the rest of the album out! The even sadder thing is, most music listeners over look the prologue of an album even more then the artist do! My Epic on the other hand take every opportunity to grab ahold of our ears, reel us in, and believe it or not, keep our attention. The album opens submersed in the chant of “May it be the real I that speaks, May it be the real thou I speak to,” from C.S. Lewis’ Letter To Malcolm; Chiefly on Paper. From this track alone, you get the assurance that this album WILL be remarkable from start to finish.

While listening to My Epic’s, I Am Undone, I felt a sheer cry for Christ and all that he is. God is forgiveness, new beginnings, hope, nurturing, compassion, and so much more. God is everything a person needs in their life. The urge and need in vocalist Aaron Stone’s voice is endearing, crisp and beautiful. To me, this album expresses faith, renewal, and above all, God’s everlasting love. I can easily picture this album being sung by thousands, eyes closed, arms risen. From the message, to the song structure; this record is a knockout.

I Am Undone is beautifully and at times, even painfully honest. On track number 9, Communion, the song closes out with the lines, “Oh my Jesus I feel alone. And I know these are primitive needs, but I still need You here to hold me. But You don’t just hold me. You hold me together.” In my mind, I found these words to be intricate. On a personal note, I can relate to this song on so many levels. To rap my mind around the thought of my pain and my cries being put into song form through some one elses lips is an insane idea. But as intricate I found these words to be, the song is played out with such ease and simplicity. The funny thing is, you don’t even realize this as you listen to it. In the moment of experiencing the meaning and depth behind them, each song sounds like a full fledge orchestrated anthem. Big. Bold. Statuesque.

Track 11 on the album, “-” , definitely my favorite of the batch, is testimonial to the T. “These bones, my frame, won’t hold in place. They’d leave and part ways if I was without You.” Letting the words really seep in makes you acknowledge how personal and delicate they are. Throughout the song, the words, “My God, I am not, but you are” ring proudly. The song lifts from almost a whisper to chant with such effortlessness. The entire album flows. My Epic don’t just take the usual route of the big and surprising, they’re smooth with their approach. Their songs hold the beauty of progression and the evolution of a song that truly builds to its peak with meaning.

Standout Tracks: -, Communion, The Lover and the Theif