Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

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I recently got the chance to have a quick phoner with vocalist Dallas Taylor of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Big thank you to Ryan Johnson for setting everything up and being the sweetest tour manager ever! Seriously, the guy is just a sweetheart!


You guys are just a couple of days into Warped so far, how are you liking it?

It’s awesome! It’s been a lot of fun. 


Great! So, I saw you guys a few days back in Pomona and you all were amazing! How would you describe your live show for someone who hasn’t seen you yet?


Well, we try to make it entertaining and laid back I guess. We’re really not one of those bands that tries to act like, “Oh yeah, I’m in a big professional rock star band.” We try to be professional, but we also try to be relatable and we’re just guys who play music. We really try to relate to people and connect with the audience.


Definitely! So, what are you doing at Warped when you’re not on the stage?
Umm…waiting for catering because they have awesome catering!




Yeah, I’m excited about that! Other than that, just walking around meeting new people. Warped tour is really a big hang out thing so I just walk around and hangout when we’re not playing.


Are there any bands you’re excited about seeing?

I really want to see Reel Big Fish; I haven’t seen them yet. Who else? Hhhmm, I want to see The Dillenger Escape plan when they come out here in a few weeks to play Warped.


Oh heck yes! I haven’t seen them live yet, but they’re on awesome band.


Yeah they are!


Alright, well what do you think about being a band with beliefs and a powerful message for their faith on a tour whose core audience may not necessarily feel the same way?


I think that when people see that when you’re 100% into what you’re about, they can respect you and you can respect other people. They can really see that it’s who you are and that you’re not trying to put on a mask or something like that. If they can’t respect you, or can’t see that that’s in your heart and it’s your lifestyle then that’s on them.

Definitely. Well if a kid were to come to you for advice on their walk with Christ, what would you tell them?


Don’t follow Jesus because it’s a fad or a trend, find it in your heart and believe it will change your life; it’s definitely changed my life. Just search it out for yourself not because it’s what everyone is doing or you just think it’s what you’re supposed to do. A lot of people seem to do that with beliefs and it’s sad. Kids go to church not even knowing why they’re there. Just do it because you know it’s right for you and it’s what you need to do to better yourself. We’re just a group of guys and we’re not always gonna have the answers, we fall short sometimes just like everyone else but we always try and make ourselves examples of Jesus.

I totally agree with everything you just said!


What would be the main message you’d want someone to take away from your music?


I think the biggest thing would be to just be happy with your life. It could definitely be worse and sometimes it could just be better. If you feel like you’re not happy with your life just remember Jesus loves you. A lot of people look at the negative everyday but just be happy you’re still able to breathe air and just make the best of it.

Right on man! So what are your plans for after Warped tour?


We’re gonna take about a month and a half off and then we’re gonna do a headlining tour. After that we’ll be recording a new record.

Awesome! Any word on who’ll you’ll be touring with on that headlining tour?


I pretty sure we’ve locked in a couple Hurley bands and also A Static Lullaby for the tour.

Nice, that’s gonna be an awesome show! Any last comments?


Um, thanks a lot for interviewing us! If anyone sees us out at Warped Tour just come say hey. We like to hang out a lot so if you see any of us just come say hi. We’re really random and like to talk about everything, so yeah, see us standing in the parking lot or something spark up a conversation. I don’t really know why I just said that! (Laughs)




We just love to hang and talk to people so makesure to say hi!


Concluding this, Dallas and I chatted a little about music and he ensured me that we all should check out Rantings of Eva and Need to Breathe.  Makesure to check them out and make your way to Warped this summer so you can give all of the MATSOD boys high fives!


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