Song of the Day: Havalina Rail Co. - I Change My Clothes

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Havalina Rail Co. was a delightfully quirky, eccentric, genre-fusing and genre-bending experimental band from California. Across their 10-year career (give or take), the band dabbled in folk, ska, jazz, ragtime, blues, Americana, surf, and multiple internationally-themed genres. No two albums in their canon treads the same ground, and yet each successive opus is clearly recognizable as Havalina.

The band stopped recording as HRC somewhere in the early 00s, but members have turned up elsewhere. Most notably are Matt Wignall who is a renowned photographer and is perhaps now best known as the producer for several Cold War Kids albums. He also has put out a handful of releases under the Wargirl moniker. Bassist Orlando Greenhill has been pretty busy in a number of projects as well, including free jazz ensemble Create! (with Chris Schlarb, et. al.) and experimental grindcore project Disturbulenced (featured here).

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