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The Blamed is Back!

The Blamed has been a Christian Hardcore/Punk band since the 90s. The Line up for the Blamed is going back to its roots with Original band members: Jim Chaffin on drums and Bryan Gray on guitar. Joining them will be Sid Duffour on bass (formally of Headnoise) and guitarist Jeff Locke (who recorded in 1998 on the album “…again” and toured with the Blamed) and New lead vocalist of October Bird Of Death, Wiley Willis. Continued →

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States - Right Or Not

States (comprised of former members from Lydia and Copeland) have posted the lyric video for their track “Right Or Not”. The song appears on the band’s recently re-issued album, titled Room to Run, which released June 19th. Continued →

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Plankeye - B.C.

Today’s Video Flashback is from the band Plankeye and their song “B.C.” off the “Commonwealth” album (1996 Tooth & Nail). “Commonwealth” is still my favorite Plankeye album. Their songwriting was just so great and every song from the Scott Silletta days is a gem. Scott Silletta (Lead Vocals/Guitar) played on 4 Plankeye albums before quitting shortly after the release of their 1997 album “The One and Only”. While “Goodbye” was a beautiful song, not much else matches the intensity and melody that Scott helped capture on the 4 early Plankeye albums. Give them a listen. Check them out on Facebook here and make sure to leave lots of comments telling the band how much you loved their music. Continued →