Righteous Vendetta - War Is Killing Us All (Official Music Video)

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You gotta check out the new music video from the band Righteous Vendetta for their song “War Is Killing Us All”. It’s heavy stuff and you’re going to dig it.

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4 Comments on "Righteous Vendetta - War Is Killing Us All (Official Music Video)"

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Smacky X

Fantastic song! Always expect these guys to get more exposure (in general) than they do. Glad that they are still making a go of it because they know how to make great and catchy music!


The vocal performance in this won me over. The title line especially caught me off guard.

Is Ryan the only remaining original member? I was blessed to have opened for them in Fort Worth during their tour for their Red Cord Records debut. The only one I recognize is Ryan.

Daniel J

Killer track!