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April 28, 2019

25 years of Starflyer 59! (over a dozen contributors)

As you will no doubt have heard, the mighty Starflyer 59 have just released their 15th full-length studio album (not counting dozens of other releases–EPs, 7″ singles, limited edition vinyl, box sets, live albums, etc.) making them officially the most prolific Chrindie band who ever existed.  Their stellar debut album, officially untitled but affectionately known as “Silver,” also turns 25 years old this year.  You can read the IVM review of their latest “Young in My Head” here.  The 15th album/25-year anniversary seemed too grand an occasion to let pass, so .… Continued →

August 26, 2017

Hagah Recordings to Release New Album From Dirt, "Rebel Lion"

Check out Hagah Recordings and their latest signing, JEREMIAH DIRT!. You might remember the artist DIRT from his collaborations with P.O.D. and previous albums “Plague”, “A War to Restore”, and more Recently, “Heavy Manners”. Download the new DIRT song “Feel The Break w/ Jgivens” right here via NoiseTrade. DIRT’s new album “Rebel Lion” will see release soon. Read the full press release below with even more detailed information… Continued →