Hagah Recordings to Release New Album From Dirt, "Rebel Lion"

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Check out Hagah Recordings and their latest signing, JEREMIAH DIRT!. You might remember the artist DIRT from his collaborations with P.O.D. and previous albums “Plague”, “A War to Restore”, and more Recently, “Heavy Manners”. Download the new DIRT song “Feel The Break w/ Jgivens” right here via NoiseTrade. DIRT’s new album “Rebel Lion” will see release soon. Read the full press release below with even more detailed information

We are so incredibly excited at Hagah Recordings to announce our very first artist! Especially excited to announce the signing of a veteran in the Christian Hip Hop game.

Everyone please welcome JEREMIAH DIRT to Hagah Recordings!

Soon we will be announcing a new Dirt recording on cd and to every major download portal worldwide! For now, please download a FREE track from the upcoming “Rebel Lion” release. Download the FREE track here: http://noisetrade.com/jeremi…/06-feel-the-break-with-jgivens

For 2 decades, Jeremiah Dirt has been one of underground hip hop’s most prolific artist. With humble beginnings in the violent streets of San Diego as a homeless youth, Jeremiah Dirt found solace in Hip hop Music. Originating with the infamous crew, Crayola as a Bboy, Dirt began to develop his competitiveness and battle rap ready attitude that would later define his entire career. By the time Jeremiah Dirt was a mere Jr. high school student, he had begun to write and perform original material that expressed positivity an spirituality due to the influence of an MC and DJ crew called Mod-X. By the late nineties, Dirt was making a big name for himself in the San Diego underground scene. Considering his music as a calling from on High, he had established his vision and desire for a strong, talented, God-centered group by writing the ‘Locust Papri’ and coining the name, ‘Shadow of the Locust’. Dirt became renowned for his freestyle and battle skills, even earning a spot to open up for KRS1 at a ‘Bboy Summit’ after party event.

In 1994, Dirt signed with P.O.D’s then mother-label, Rescue Records and began work on the ‘Plague’ album. Consequently, Dirt began touring with P.O.D., gaining fans with his emotional, raw music and passionate stage presence. Dirt’s vision for a united front in Hip Hop music, through ‘Shadow of the Locust’, gained him national recognition. Three full years later, in 1997, ‘Plague’ was finished, but not released until 1999. The patience and time paid off as Dirt’s career and vision soared and has yet to come down. After “Plague”, “A War To Restore” (2000) and “Heavy Manners” (2009) were released.

Dirt has consistently released deep, thought provoking material that surrounds the listener with provocative, God-centered music that resonates to the bone. From his vicious battle raps directed towards the secular-minded who think Christ MC’s are weak, to his emotionally charged topical songs, Dirt delivers his rhymes with a vociferous energy. His fearlessness to approach challenging topics, coupled by an undeniable respect for Hip Hop culture has resulted in creating uniquely relevant music. Dirt has maintained a ‘non Holier-than-thou’ approach to musical ministry that has cultivated a devoted fanbase and simultaneously drawn extremely talented musicians to the ‘Locust’ vision. Having recorded on hundreds of songs, including his own releases, features on other artist’s album’s, mix tapes, EP’s and freestyles – Rest assured that this envelope-pushing MC continues to work hard to please the eardrums and encourage the soul.

Dirt is the founding father of ‘Shadow of the Locust’, established in 1994. His goals in the music industry can be best expressed by his own words, “I want to make music that pushes people, inspires them, and encourages them. Whether they are hit by the raw talent or the open-heartedness of my songs… just as long as at the end of the day, my music makes ‘em say ‘Man! God is awesome!”



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Shawn Browning
August 27, 2017 9:19 am

Brandon and IVM,

Thank you so much for publishing this, our first major news on a very fledgling hip hop label. We greatly appreciate it! Thanks for being a link in the chain to however The Lord grows this. You are greatly appreciated!

Shawn Browning

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