Starflyer 59 "Vanity" Out Now

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Can we please come to a collective agreement as people, as all of mankind, that Starflyer 59 is one of the greatest rock bands of all time? Read on for my short write up on “Vanity”.

Jason Martin and Co. have been putting out solid tunes for nearly 30 years and this new album shows that their is no sign of letting up. The talent, the mastery of craft, and the essence of what good music should and can be, is revealed through “Vanity”, the 16th album from Starflyer 59. Rather than fill your heads with my thoughts on each song off this new record, I figured I’d make a statement and article of sorts devoted to what Starflyer 59 means to so many of us and the longevity of these songs.

I’ve always been a fan of Jason’s work, dating back to when I first heard “Silver” and “She’s the Queen” which was followed up by “Gold” and “Americana”. “Gold” is such a classic in it’s own right but what came about with “The Fashion Focus” and continued on for 2 decades+ now is just magic, pure music making magic. People used to follow around bands like (well maybe they still do) Grateful Dead, Phish, Rush, Pearl Jam, etc. with a cult like enthusiasm and my hope was that this little underrated gem would be discovered by the masses to be consumed and develop a mass following for years. I think this underground critical acclaim and wonderment which has led many to discovery for that next new thing has served Starflyer 59 in the best of ways. Sometimes that steep rise to fame is followed by a catastrophic fall and inevitable break up. Releasing music on his/their own terms is what makes Starflyer 59 so special and remarkable in our modern music landscape.

“Vanity” is a beautiful set of songs by a well seasoned songwriter and backing musicians including Steven Dail, Jason’s son on Drums, and even a little synth action from TW Walsh. We know what to expect going into a Starflyer 59 album and we know what we will obtain from a listening session which is filled to the brim with descriptive adjectives and bold statements from those of us who get it, understand it, and are influenced by it. We are all aging and there is no denying it but to age gracefully and still be able to put out music like this is something so incredible, so exceptional, that you forget ages and time periods. Thank you Velvet Blue Music, thank you Jason Martin and Co., and thank you to the namesake of Starflyer 59 for carrying on the banner of exceptionalism and deep pride for the medium of music itself. Cheers to “Vanity” and cheers to many more years ahead. Please click these links and purchase this album from Velvet Blue. The stream and album teaser can be found below this post.

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Jared Saavedra
Jared Saavedra
November 1, 2021 8:34 pm

Absolutely love it. SF59 is perfecting the lounge-y sound, and I don’t know how else to describe it, but this is one of the funnest albums they’ve put out.

October 22, 2021 4:52 am

You already know how I feel about this band!

J. Wo
J. Wo
October 21, 2021 7:35 pm

I totally agree and I don’t know how they continue to make such good music. I’m really digging this record. It will be one of my favorites of the year for sure.

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