New At The Wayside Song on Monday May 8th

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So I got the new At The Wayside album this afternoon and I am simply blown away with everything I was presented. From start to finish it’s a pure delight. In celebration of the upcoming release, IVM will be streaming 1 new song this Monday May 8th, 1 new song on May 15th, and a full album stream May 22nd! This is the best full length by a pop-punk band that I’ve heard in years and a release I am super excited to be putting out. Production quality, songwriting, musicianship, and full on performance is absolutely brilliant. Nothing short of legendary. If these guys don’t hit it big in the next year, there is something seriously wrong with the world. Just you wait, May 26th can’t come soon enough. It’s going to light a fire to this scene and reawaken those lost sentimental feelings we all had for our “favorite” bands back in the day. Don’t let this little write up fool you into believing it’s merely a nostalgic yearning for the sounds of yesteryear. This is a current, edgy, poppy, and yet still somewhat aggressive in nature. You’re all going to love it! Monday, a new song will premiere on Indie Vision Music. Get ready. Pre-order here on bandcamp (preorders on iTunes/Google Play will launch soon and will include an instant download of the song you hear on Monday).

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Mark K
Mark K
May 7, 2017 5:17 pm

Will there be a CD release? I’m a physical album guy but not vinyl.

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