Inner 29 - Nothing Like It (New Song)

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For those not following IVM social media, the band Inner 29 are releasing their debut EP “Now and Again, Here” via Indie Vision Music on November 22nd. I have released the 2nd song from that Ep and it is a NEW one for those that didn’t hear some of the songs earlier in the year. This track was produced and recorded over the summer in preparation for this release and I am now pleased to reveal it to all of you. Is that’s perfect dose of nostalgia and the message is simple, long for the past but don’t let the past dictate how you wanna live your life right now, right here. Take a stand and make your own memories. You can find the song and lyrics, below. Pre-Order the Ep on iTunes now and get instant download of one song or download on Bandcamp here and you can download both tracks that have been released. These newly remixed and mastered songs were done by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studios who also handle big jobs for T&N, Solid State, BEC, among many others.

I wish I was born in the 70s
In Chicago
Then I would have grown up in the 80s
Because it was cool
At least that’s what they say
We could talk face-to-face
With plenty to say
While we shared our mixtapes
But anyways
I’d have friends
I’d attend to less alcoholic parties
I’d go to the prom in that old-school way
But now there ain’t nothing like it
I would have hung out at the arcades
My town would have venues for our favorite bands to play at
And I’d catch Star Wars in the movies
While they hadn’t messed it up
I keep missing out on places in time
That I’ve only seen
Through pictures and screens
But still, here I am
I’ll disconnect
I’ll go out there and make some memories

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