The Ongoing Concept - Failures & Fakes

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The Ongoing Concept have posted their new lyric video for the song “Failures & Fakes” which you can listen to below. Read on for the press release and get the links to the pre-orders….

August 6, 2013 – With the release of their debut full-length, Saloon, only two weeks away, adventurous rockers THE ONGOING CONCEPT are unveiling a third song from the buzzy album in the form of a lyric video for “Failures & Fakes.”

Decorated with piano and organ, the track’s driving rock guitars give way to heavy angular riffs, providing further proof of the band’s diverse sonic portfolio, previously demonstrated with the banjo-twang of the track “Cover Girl” and the explosive ferocity of “Class of Twenty-Ten.”

“This song was our hardest song to write because much of the music was written by Dawson when I wasn’t around, and we didn’t see eye to eye on anything,” laughs vocalist and keyboardist Kyle Scholz, one of three brothers in THE ONGOING CONCEPT. “But that’s what’s made it, I think, a fantastic single because it’s been worked and reworked until we couldn’t be more happy with it.”

“As for the lyrics, a lot of people write songs about people they hate, but I didn’t want my lyrics to be condemning,” Kyle adds. “After I had written the lyrics and dwelled on them awhile, I realized just how much pride and judgement I had, and I feel I’m much more transparent because of it.”

Lyric video for “Failures & Fakes”:

Saloon is set to drop August 20th from Solid State Records, with pre-orders available now. The physical album is available by itself or as part of a bundle. Digitally the album is available to preorder on iTunes today, with purchasers receiving a free instant download of “Failures & Fakes.”

Preorder Saloon on iTunes and receive an instant download of “Failures & Fakes”:

Physical preorders for Saloon:

Despite making their home with a label with a well-deserved reputation as the home to some of the biggest names in metalcore, THE ONGOING CONCEPT have little interest in preserving the traditions of the genre. When discussing influences, this literal band of brothers are just as quick to mention artists like TOTO, YANNI and BRUCE HORNSBY as influences as they are genre giants UNDEROATH, BRING ME THE HORIZON and LETLIVE.

From moment one, it’s clear THE ONGOING CONCEPT are zeroing in on a refined, artistically driven sound. But listeners can forget about this band coloring inside the metalcore lines. In fact, they can forget about the lines altogether.