Man Alive - Don't You Dare

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A new song stream from Man Alive titled “Don’t You Dare” off the recently released new full length, “A Light Goes On”, available now on Amazon and iTunes. Fans of Punk/Rock will fall in love with this new album.


“Don’t You Dare” by Man Alive

Everywhere I go I don’t know
What to say when they say “where you from, bro”?
I can’t decide which one to say, which one to hide
When there’s a medal count or there’s a war
Everyone else has somebody to root for
But I Don’t Mind. Don’t got no need for that cause you and I…

We’re like a threefold cord
You and me and my Lord
And now we can make anywhere home

No don’t you dare let go
I’ve been waiting so long for somebody that can stay for life
No don’t you dare let go
It’s unbearable to think I coulda gone on living life living it wrong

Cause every friend I make, I can’t be sure
How long to count on them sticking around for
Soon as I turn my head they’re gone
That’s how I learned to be a fox without a hole
A sheep without a herd to give me comfort
But I don’t mind. Don’t got no need for that cause you and I….

You know when you’re sick for days
And the feeling that you get when it goes away
That’s how I felt when I found you
You feel like anything’s possible
Like you can take on this entire world
As long as you’re not alone