Exclusive Song Premiere: Audiophile - The Coast

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We are proud to bring you a brand new song premiere from the Birmingham, AL. based alternative-pop-punk band known as Audiophile. They are a newer band with an incredibly catchy sound that would appeal to fans of The All American Rejects, Relient K, Weezer, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Neck Deep, TwentyOnePilots, and Capital Lights. This new song, “The Coast” will release on May 15th to all digital networks. Check out the song below and the band here on facebook or instagram.


Shortly release of our first song, Back 2 California in March 2018, I recruited some friends, Lucas and Hayden Finney, who I had known from their previous band, to come together to form the line up that is Audiophile today. We began our time as a band with mild success following the break out popularity from Back 2 California, which is now sitting at around 150k on Spotify. At the end of 2018 we released our first EP called We Can Never Go Back. We fully expected the project to take off the same way our hit single did, but it did not. The next year was full of up’s and down’s for our band. During 2019, we trusted that God still had a plan for this project that was birthed purely out of the love for making music that can put you in a good mood.

We wrote this new song, The Coast, as a testament to where our hearts are trying to be going forward. The message of the song is this: It’s way too easy to get caught up on what kind of things you didn’t accomplish, it’s easy to “live in the past” as the first line of the song says. It’s also way too easy to be worried about tomorrow. You have to take into consideration that life is more than “how am I gonna eat tomorrow?” or “what will I be able to afford to wear?” Those aren’t even selfish questions to ask yourself, they’re rational. Yet, we think about the mistakes we’ve made, and we’re worried about trivial things that shouldn’t have any control over us. So this song The Coast is about not worrying for tomorrow, just living in the moment and seizing the beauty in the life we have today.

That’s the growth between Back 2 California and this song. Sure, reminiscing is good, but living in the moment is great. So basically, we had to write a better summer anthem, because we were “getting pretty tired of the same old song.”

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May 15, 2020 1:37 am

Linda love the words love the message love love the attitude the sound is great the ocean God’s pure nature 😍😊🙏🇺🇸🛐❣️

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