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The Protest - Legacy

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Label: Rockfest Records
Release Date: July 13th, 2018


  1. Valor
  2. What Else Ya Got
  3. Knockout
  4. Straight from the Barrel
  5. Take my Heart
  6. Noise Revolution
  7. Stitched
  8. To the Death
  9. Bad Self/Ascension

The world  is full of grit, seriousness, and dark themes within media. Whenever something “fun” comes around, it’s a nice change of pace.  The Protest’s debut album on Rockfest records, Legacy, provides a Christ-centered, lighthearted yet heavy hitting album that’s perfect for some summertime head-banging.

The southern rock intro and uplifting chorus of the opening track “Valor” kicks off the album in full force and doesn’t let up until the album ends. The lyrics of the chorus are focused on persevering through hard times through Christ, “All the oppression we will take it, take it in stride.”  The song is inspirational without treading on the grounds of being sappy.

The first single off the album, “What Else Ya Got” is an uplifting rock anthem that will fit perfectly in a workout playlist. Like most singles, this song has a very radio-friendly sound, but the superb guitar solo and catchy chorus help the song stand out. Fans of the band Disciple will feel right at home. (Interestingly enough, Josiah of Disciple actually helped right the song.)

The album doesn’t let up in the slightest until the fifth track, “Take my Heart.” While being one of the lightest songs on the album, it’s also one of the most unique. The vocal melody is creative and heartfelt. The lyrics, which are asking Christ to take over, fit the song well and give a very authentic feel to the song. “Take my heart before it falls apart.” 

The following song “Noise Revolution” is the second single off of the album. Unfortunately, it also is rather generic, as most singles are. The lyrics are a typical “uprising” type of song, with a confusing line about “We rock, never stop till the party’s in motion.”  The lyric seems rather out of place in a song about spreading the Gospel.

The album closes out with it’s strongest track “Bad Self / Ascension.” The creative guitar riffing, subtle synths and powerful vocals really tie the song together. The song ends with another guitar solo that resonates with me every time I listen to the track. (I’m a guitarist, so maybe I’m a bit partial. But hey, it’s good music.)

The mixing and production on the album is top notch. The guitars have a lot of bite yet they’re never tinny. The solos are smooth and tasteful. The drums are tight, clear and big. The bass drum kicks hard and the snare is super punchy. Rockfest Records is a smaller record label, but they really know what they’re doing when it comes to production. Kudos to them and the band!

Overall, The Protest’s Legacy is an incredibly solid album that will be one of the highlights of my music listening experience this summer. Fans of bands like Disciple and Thousand Foot Krutch will definitely want to give this rocking album a listen.

Legacy comes out July 13th.



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