The Rocky Valentines "Off and On" Out Now

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The Rocky Valentines which is the new project from Charlie Martin who just happens to be the son of Starflyer 59 legendary song maker – Jason Martin. The music influence and talents run rich through his blood and it is clearly evident on this first new song from the debut upcoming “Self Titled” EP due out September 2nd on Velvet Blue Music. Not only is the music great and extremely catchy but the vocals match that talent and the lush sounds radiate through your speakers with subtle intensity that will sway you. This is the perfect “indie” music to pass those waning days of summer 2022 and kickstart the upcoming fall season. This next gen Martin will take you on a ride through familiar territory but charting a course all his own. “Off and On” is a song not at all like so many others popping off the radio dial (or streaming site) that bore with the same old over saturation of blandness. This is an artist clearly embracing past, present, and incorporating a much welcomed future. Introducing The Rocky Valentines. Won’t you listen today?

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