Song of the Day: The Blamed - 1200 Stares

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By the time Give us Barrabbas came out (the band’s 7th album), The Blamed had already gone through at least 4 different genres: punk rock, crossover thrash, hardcore punk, and punk metal. Now they were dabbling in experimental post-hardcore, which, for my money was their most successful rendering of noise to date. “1200 Stares” starts off with a punishing, repetitive riff, and then we welcome some gang shouts: “We won’t stop what we start!” There’s an urgency in the cry that beseeches one to pay attention. I have no idea what they were screaming about, but man do I believe them!

Stream the track here:

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February 1, 2020 5:05 pm

This is my favorite record by the band- love some of the songs on this album!

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