Shorthanded Release Best Song Yet

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Shorthanded have indeed returned. They dropped 2 prior new singles and now they just released “Don’t Need a Ride!”, today. The song is powerful pop-punk rock number heavily inspired by the current events unfolding in Ukraine in their current war with Russia. Check out the band’s write up on the song and the lyrics below this message. Follow the band on instagram here: @shorthanded_rocks

“No matter what part of the political spectrum you stand on, all of us can agree that never should militant forces spill across borders, carelessly bombing apartment buildings, causing women with children to flee into subways to hide, afraid for their lives. But the Russian military has done just that. And worse.

And they’re towing mobile crematoriums along in their wake, burning the slain, erasing the evidence of thousands of murders. This kind of mechanized terror is the stuff of b-rate horror films. But sadly it’s real and not something that ends after 120 minutes at the luxury cinema.

Who knows what atrocities will go unaccounted for in Ukraine? God knows.

At the start of the war, the US government offered to evacuate Zelenskyy. He defiantly stood with his suffering people, stating “I need ammunition, I don’t need a ride.”

He could have run. Instead he stayed. This is what strong leaders do, they do the heavy lifting. They stand alone. And the indelible mages and eternally durable determination of Ukrainians in the face of excruciating pain, the needless deaths of innocents and seemingly unending uncertainty is what inspired “Don’t Need A Ride”. Share the song. Most importantly – pray for peace:


Don’t need a ride
I need ammunition
And some guns

So keep your helicopter home
‘Cause I intend to stay

– Gotta keep the fascists at bay

Don’t need a ride
I need ammunition
More bombs and guns

Don’t give me your pretty words
While I load up another borrowed round

– And wonder where the next one will be found

The whole damn world is crying
Children and mothers in the subway hiding

While you turn and look away
Please tell me help is on the way!

I don’t ned a ride
I need ammunition
Need it now

Tough talk and bank shut-offs
American courage is nowhere to be seen

– While I may never reunite my family

We burn in mobile crematoriums

You stammer around in delirium and look the other way

Please tell me help is on the way


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