Manafest Launches Kickstarter For New Album

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Manafest has launched a Kickstarter for his upcoming rock album “Stones”.

Hey its Chris, aka Manafest. After my career-changing accident back in 1998 that crushed my dream of becoming a professional skateboarder, I picked up a pen and began to write songs.  I discovered that my music had the ability to create hope and inspiration for other people in their own dark places, and that became my mission. It’s a hurting world out there, and we all need a boost of encouragement from time to time.

I’m working on my 10th studio album entitled “Stones”, which will be my 2nd independent release without a record label and my first full-on Rock album in 5 years. While I have been fortunate enough to reach hundreds of thousands of people with my music, it’s my goal to inspire more people than ever before with this album in order to spread that hope even further.

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2 Comments on "Manafest Launches Kickstarter For New Album"

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Has anyone else seen the infomercial-esque videos from Manafest on Facebook? They are targeted paid/sponsored ads and they always pop up on my feed. Something like “Learn how to make money in the music industry following these steps” not exactly word for word but it’s similar. Not that it’s bad or anything, just interesting.

I have not, though I’m surprised to hear he has those.