Letter Kills Creates Quite the Buzz

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Letter Kills which were a emo-indie-pop-punk band from the early 00’s that dropped some independent songs, signed to Island Records, released a huge sounding record called “The Bridge”, played around the country for a few years then just disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Lead Vocalist Matt Shelton went on to record with The Wedding as well some great solo songs and recently formed “Panther City Riots“. As a band they were strong and their delivery was just as good as ANY other band at that time. There was absolutely no reason they shouldn’t had been as big as bands like The Used, My Chemical Romance, The Juliana Theory, Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Coheed, Anberlin, Emery, Story of The Year, heck even Fall Out Boy. I’m not sure the reasons but their “The Bridge” album is one of the best of the scene by far. So the reason for this post is to draw attention to the band themselves possibly reuniting, maybe even new music. Head over to their Instagram account and begin the countdown with them. Stay tuned.

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