Five EPs From 2019 You Can Download for Free

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Streaming is great and all but it’s not for everyone. At least that’s the impression I got last time I wrote about albums you can download for free. So I’ve got five more free EPs that released during 2019 you can add to collection.

1. Roelant – The Narrows

This 5-song EP is a contender for my best albums/EPs of 2019. Roelant first crossed my radar in 2015 with their album Music to Change the World but failed to making a lasting impression. That all changed when I heard the lead single “Wrong” from their new EP The Narrows earlier this year (check it out below). If you’re not a fan of its funky sound though don’t worry, it’s really the odd-ball of the EP. The rest of the EP just straight up rocks. And since it’s free you’re really not no excuse not to at least give it a chance, right?

Download on NoiseTrade

2. Light the Way – Dad Gang

If you visited IVM anytime in the last six months you’ve probably already heard about this one. But did you know you can get it for FREE on Indie Vision Music Bandcamp? But wait their’s more! There’s actually quite a few new IVM releases available for free. But didn’t want this list be all IVM artists so I just picked my favorite new 5-song EP from IVM, Dad Gang by Light the Way. Check out their song “Hope” below.

Download on Bandcamp

3. Hayden Everett – Hayden Everett

If you weren’t a fan of the more rock-oriented releases above maybe this 5-song self-titled EP from singer/songwriter Hayden Everett will be more to your liking. The lead single “Color” is one of the most catchy songs I’ve heard all year and makes this one worth downloading all by itself.

Download on NoiseTrade

4. Medical Morning – Ghost Riot, Vol. 1

I could write a short blurb about this 5-song shoegaze worship EP from Medical Morning. Or I could just steal a quote out our IVM review of the EP.

Is this a shoegaze record or a worship record? Arguably, it’s neither. It’s an experimental blend of hazy rock capped with thoughtful lyrics that feels strange and familiar all at once; it’s a return to form for Christian music to once again challenge the status quo. However you may label it, it’s worthy of a listen.

Download on Bandcamp

5. Homestate – Homestate

Can you guess how many songs this EP has? 5! What are the odds? Anyway, this self-titled EP Homestate (formerly known as Available at the Counter) is great pop punk from front to back. A word of warning though, one of the songs is explicit so this one might not be for everyone.

Download on Bandcamp

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