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February 20, 2017

Till You're All I See - Seth Davey

REVIEW : Till You're All I See - Seth Davey

Prior to 2015’s stunning Into the Sea, Attalus was a fairly unknown. Fronted by Seth Davey, vocalist, pianist, and lyricist, this Facedown debut made plenty best-of-the-year lists. Though Davey has since amicably parted with the band, he has nonetheless kept up with musical endeavors which come to fruition in his debut solo album, Till You’re All I See. While this isn’t an Attalus record by any means, it’s hard to overlook the common elements. Davey again brings lyrical brilliance, this time in a more bare and vulnerable manner with naught more than piano to complement his vocals.… Continued →

February 1, 2017

Seth Davey (Ex-Attalus) Sets Up New Publishing Imprint, "Fiction Forest"

Seth Davey (former vocalist/songwriter for Attalus) has launched a new website and publishing imprint titled “Fiction Forest”. Check it out here. Seth has written several recent Children’s books (I bought a few and gave one to my kid’s kindergarten teacher last year) and they are just wonderful stories filled with hope. The stories are all rooted firmly in Biblical principals and teach your children valuable life lessons. Speaking of Attalus, the band will be performing at “AURA Fest” in Savannah, Georgia on February 18th!… Continued →

February 17, 2011