The Eclectic Podcast: Seth Davey (Ex-Attalus/Children's Book Author)

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Check out this brand new podcast from Perth, Australia called “The Eclectic Podcast“. One of their recent interviews is with Seth Davey (Ex-Singer of Attalus and current children’s book author). Click here for the podcast. Follow them on facebook here.

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1 Comment on "The Eclectic Podcast: Seth Davey (Ex-Attalus/Children's Book Author)"

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Chris S

Thanks for the coverage Brandon & IVM – do appreciate it!

Two episodes ago we also interviewed Andrew Ortiz of the 1-man metalcore act, The Saving. Our vision is to showcase indie Christian bands / artists across a range of more alternative genres from hip-hop to pop punk, electronic to acoustic, post-rock to post-hardcore (similar coverage to IVM), do interviews, and even throw the odd shrimp on the barby while riding kangaroos across the desert. Tune in!