Tag: Mental Health

May 23, 2021

GFM (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh) - Where Were You (Official Music Video)

The ladies of GFM are back with a huge new song and incredibly well done music video to accompany the hard hitting, honest, and positive music. Check out the music video for their new song “Where Were You”, below and make sure to follow them here. This is the absolute, ultimate mental health awareness anthem and a song that hits close to home. Please watch and read the lyrics below.… Continued →

July 31, 2020

Grandpa Loves Rhinos Band

Grandpa Loves Rhinos - It's Gotta Be The Gaming (Song Premiere)

I’m proud to reveal a track titled “It’s Gotta Be The Gaming” off the upcoming album from Grandpa Loves Rhinos, “Searching In The Sarchasm”. The album drops on August 7th through Indie Vision Music and is available to purchase in several different bundles right here. Just take note, these bundles will come down after August 7th and all that’ll be left is the CD and Vinyl as stand alone products. Get those orders in soon. Order right here. This deeply personal song about the problems with mental health and society woven in between all your favorite video games and sarcasm, can be heard below.… Continued →

September 12, 2019

A Few Words on The Death of Jarrid Wilson

I’ve had a rough past few weeks. My moods have gone from the most elated to utter dumps. It has been an exciting time in our family and an incredibly stressful time. We have had our fair share of trials and tribulations the past 5+ years (if you know us or have heard my stories, you’ll understand why). A few days ago a rising young Pastor and mental health advocate named Jarrid Wilson tragically took his own life at the age of 30. He has left behind not only a community of believers but his loving wife and children.… Continued →