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Grandpa Loves Rhinos - It's Gotta Be The Gaming (Song Premiere)

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I’m proud to reveal a track titled “It’s Gotta Be The Gaming” off the upcoming album from Grandpa Loves Rhinos, “Searching In The Sarchasm”. The album drops on August 7th through Indie Vision Music and is available to purchase in several different bundles right here. Just take note, these bundles will come down after August 7th and all that’ll be left is the CD and Vinyl as stand alone products. Get those orders in soon. Order right here. This deeply personal song about the problems with mental health and society woven in between all your favorite video games and sarcasm, can be heard below. Warning, Controversial content ahead. Song Explanation by the guys in GLR can be found next to the song.

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Song Explanation:

If you’ve ever wondered why infamous historical figures carried out brutal and vile acts against humanity look no further than “It’s Gotta Be the Gaming.” Half-kidding aside, this song is the fourth on our new album titled “Searching in the Sarchasm.” Lyrically, the general theme throughout the album is an air of sarcasm and mockery, and this song is a prime example. Sometimes it’s more convenient for us to place blame on a simple answer to a complex problem than to dig deeper to find the true root cause. – Paul & Seth Hyde/Grandpa Loves Rhinos



Adolf Hitler, he played call of duty on Friday nights
when he lost at Nazi zombies, that made him rage quit his whole life
and Genghis Khan, before he destroyed an entire population
spent decades playing age of empires in his mother’s basement

Wikipedia and history books they got it wrong
it was never about power or terror all along
turn it off or else you’ll end up the same
that Mario, that Tetris will make you go insane

video games they cause violence and fighting
it’s not because humans are sick and they’re crying
no it’s got to be the gaming, turn it off is what I’m saying
i think we got to pause the gaming now

Jeffrey Dahmer, he played mortal kombat at the arcade
the way scorpion’s spear penetrates Lui Kang felt way too great
and Billy the Kid, his favorite console was the Xbox one
before killing sheriffs he would turn it on to red dead redemption

why are those birds so angry, why are you old birds always angry?
I guess if you had fledglings that were violent too
you’d want something to blame and someone to hang
so slingshot at the pigs and blocks, your points will eventually come across
but the chicks will fall right from the nest if they don’t get warmth
beneath your breast, find the scape goat, pull back and fire

Eric Harris and Dylan shooting columbine
they played doom and quake together in their spare time
but there’s something deeper, something more than simple games
there was a chemical disease, illness in their brains
Wikipedia and history books they got it right
it was always about mental health and suicide
and the irony is when you say games are the problem
it makes me want to punch you in the throat even harder

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