GFM (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh) - Where Were You (Official Music Video)

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The ladies of GFM are back with a huge new song and incredibly well done music video to accompany the hard hitting, honest, and positive music. Check out the music video for their new song “Where Were You”, below and make sure to follow them here. This is the absolute, ultimate mental health awareness anthem and a song that hits close to home. Please watch and read the lyrics below.

Nobody cared, nobody listened until it was over
When he was scared, where were his prayers
Now where is his closure

Well you never said a thing
It’s too late for sympathy
And when he said goodbye
Should’ve known it would be the last time

Where were you when his heart was still beating
You looked away when all that he needed
Was a hand lifting up, so lost from the start
We all watched as he fell apart
Broken, defeated; chose not to see it

The warning signs, the warning signs
They were everywhere
So many times, I thought he was fine
Should’ve been loud and clear

He took a shallow breath
He thought there was nothing left
And when we walked away
That’s when we dug his grave

He needed you, but you let him go
Acted like you cared, but how would you know
He was dead inside, wasted his time
You can hear his voice, in the flatline

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