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June 3, 2023

October 11, 2019

Mission House - I Don't Have Much (Official Lyric Video)

The very talented duo known as Mission House have just released their second single off the upcoming 7 song “Self Titled” project due out November 1st via Integrity Music. Lush arrangement with a moving and emotional core consisting of Taylor and Jess’s ethereal, heavenly voices is pure joy. Meant to inspire, leading one into a prayerful meditation and focus on pure worship, this group is certainly one to keep your eyes/ears on. I’ll post the first single below in addition to “I Don’t Have Much”.… Continued →

March 11, 2015

REVIEW : The Brilliance - Brother

I like vanilla ice cream. I really do. It's simple, sweet, and to the point. No quirks, nuts, or slime to get in the way of what really matters. On the other hand, vanilla ice cream can get old really fast. Who would want to eat the same-ol same-ol "normal" vanilla ice cream 24/7? Nobody, that's who. CCM worship music is exactly like ice cream (in fact, I sometimes confuse them and put sonicflood albums in my freezer). Vanilla ice cream/CCM is great for pleasing large amounts of people in gatherings such as churches or ice cream socials (or ice cream socials at church). However, in my own time, I like to have a little bit of cookie dough in my ice cream to chew on. David Gungor and John Arndt are my cookie dough ice cream.

May 8, 2014

March 30, 2014

March 18, 2014

December 10, 2013

November 30, 2013

November 21, 2013

September 23, 2013

September 8, 2013

September 2, 2013

September 1, 2013

REVIEW : The City Harmonic - Heart

Canadian artists The City Harmonic release their brand new album 'Heart' on September 3rd, featuring their hit song 'A City on a Hill', and other standouts like 'Glory', 'Take Heart' and 'Brand New'. Here is the review.

August 31, 2013

August 12, 2013

The City Harmonic - City on a Hill

Canadian band The City Harmonic has released their brand new lyric video for their first single, ‘City on a Hill’, from their second full length studio album ‘Heart’ releasing September 3rd. Check out the video below, and be sure to take a look at their music videos for both ‘I Have a Dream’ and ‘Mountaintop’ from their youtube page. What do you all think of the video and song?… Continued →

August 5, 2013

REVIEW : Paul Baloche - Glorieux

Paul Baloche has released his second French album 'Glorieux', French translations of some of his biggest radio hits and other fan favourite songs throughout these last few years. Here is the review.

July 31, 2013

June 15, 2013

April 19, 2013

April 15, 2013

REVIEW : Martin Smith - God's Great Dance Floor Step 01

Martin Smith, ex-lead singer of Delirious? releases his new solo album 'God's Great Dance Floor Step 01' next week (23rd April), featuring hit songs like 'Fire Never Sleeps', 'Awake My Soul' 'Back to the Start' and 'Waiting Here for You'. Here is the review of the lead singer of one of my favourite British worship bands ever!

April 1, 2013

REVIEW : Daniel Bashta - The Invisible

Daniel Bashta released his second album 'The Invisible' in February 2013, with his radio single 'Let Hope In' and other fan favourite songs 'Praise The Invisible', 'I Want It All (Just Give Me Jesus)' and 'By My Side'. Check out the review.

March 19, 2013

March 18, 2013

REVIEW : Darlene Zschech - Revealing Jesus

Darlene Zschech releases her new album 'Revealing Jesus' releases this Tuesday (19th March), with the hit song 'Victor's Crown' and covers of Israel Houghton's hits 'Your Presence is Heaven' and 'Jesus at the Center'. Here is the review.

March 7, 2013

REVIEW : Worship Central - Let It Be Known

Worship Central release their new album 'Let It Be Known' next week, featuring the standout songs 'Guardian', 'Draw Me Close' and 'The Same Power' by artists like Tim Hughes, Nikki Fletcher and Ben Cantelon. Here is the review.

February 17, 2013

February 13, 2013

REVIEW : Planetshakers - Limitless

Planetshakers have released their brand-new 2013 album 'Limitless' on Tuesday 15th January, however, with over 20 years experience in the music industry, apart from a few musical standouts, the album felt more like a show than a worship experience. Here is the review of the underwhelming album.

January 23, 2013

January 18, 2013

November 10, 2012

October 30, 2012

REVIEW : Julissa - Metamorphosis

Julissa, who released her debut English EP 'Forever' in 2010, has released her first full album under Integrity Music 'Metamorphosis', featuring worship covers 'When the Stars Burn Down', 'Jehovah' and 'Great I Am'. Check out the review.