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September 26, 2022

Song of the Day: Pillar - Fireproof Vs Simply

Pillar is a band I really got into while I was stationed in the military. My friend & I weren’t to so many shows I lost count. I remember seeing Pillar w/ EastWest & The Benjamin Gate in Greenville, SC. I didn’t get into their stuff much after Where Do We Go From Here save a few songs. Fireproof is just a staple int heir career, but Simply has lyrics that I have not forgotten over the years.… Continued →

August 29, 2022

Song of the Day: Tree63 - 101

South African Tree 63 delivered a lot of music mostly through the AC format, but they also had some rockier tunes. They started in 1996 under “Tree” but the name was taken already by others. They added 63 based on Psalms 63, a reference to their second LP. Anyways hope you like this one as much as I have over the years. Also, vocalist John Ellis eventually struck on his own. Check him out as his solo stuff is decent also.… Continued →

August 20, 2022

Song of the Day: Justifide vs Reform The Resistance - The Way vs Kill Lies

Seen this band several years ago before they changed their name to Reform the Resistance. They were a modern rock/rapcore band back then which also did songs in Spanish. This album cover alone is enuff to check this band for crying out loud lol! Reform I wish would have caught on more to Christian or mainstream radio for that matter. They are so incredibly talented. Heck check out both bands stuff. You won’t be disappointed trust me…and I’ve heard most in the Christian industry.… Continued →

October 2, 2021

Song of the Day: This City Awaits - Hold Still

This City Awaits is comprised of Phillip Ivey & Darah Hubbard. They are a rock band with metal influences & have released a few albums. The band even did a livestream back In February. I love their song White Ambulance, but chose Hold Still as the song lyrics relate to what I am currently going through- “Will I pass this test with dignity?” I also added the livestream. Continued →

September 8, 2021

Song of the Day: Broomtree - Reckless

Broomtree is a modern rock band from a small record labelled called Rustproof that brought us Polarboy, Send the Beggar & a few others. Vocalist Kylie has a distinct voice that sill reminds of a few 90s female fronted bands. Reckless is from their 2nd LP which has a more polished sound to it & contains some thought provoking lyrics. I see what you want, I know who you are The latest big shock won’t get you too far You live in the dreams of how your life seems But you never care for the reality Your personality is not be coming to me You won’t drag me down into this world You know the truth but won’t live the life You make the rules, the rhythm and rhyme Behind the wheel, don’t know how to drive You travel still, through your reckless life I hear the excuse blamed on the abuse You give out your heart and you claim that you’re used You know how it feels but you welcome it still As you tear at the whole when there’s nothing to fill It’s temporarily hiding the fact that you’re in need Then you’re sinking down into this world… Continued →

September 6, 2021

Song of the Day: Hope Kills Fear - Surrender

Hope Kills Fear hails from New York City & started in the mainstream when a few members came from another band. The band’s name comes from a fan of the band when their vocalist saw the phrase on the fan’s Myspace page. Although they have shared the stages with mainstream artists, the band is most definitely Christian based. Besides this inspirational SOTD about surrendering to YHWH & to “destroy the thing you’re running after”, check out Save Me.… Continued →

June 19, 2021

Song of the Day: Witness Protection Program - Piledriver

Pennsylvania’s Witness Protection Program bring to mind music that falls between the space where arena & modern rock meet. There a few bands with the same name, but the obscure 2003 release Fire Ready Aim is chalk full of hard rocking songs & is the reason why I wanted to write for IVM in the first place. Christian bands that have come & gone & not left much of a trace as one cannot easily find a lot of music in my collection.… Continued →

May 26, 2021

Song of the Day: Prepare The Way - You're Not Alone

Prepare The Way hails from Mississippi & appears to have sadly only released one EP. But, this title track is powerful. I guarantee all of us have felt the sting of failure & sin in our lives. To rely on Jesus to get us through turmoil & tragedy is a touch thing to do, but that is where His perfect peace can shine the brightest. Hope you like this SOTD as much as I have the past few years.… Continued →

May 15, 2021

Song of the Day: Plain Jane - What Can Separate Us

This band is “Anything But Plain” as their debut released in 2003 & was a modern rock band fronted by a female singer who had a distinct way of singing her vocals with Guardian’s Tony Palacios helming the production. Their name comes from the idea that no one is a plain jane in God’s eyes. One can still find their old Myspace & Soundclick pages & other goodies from the band is The Door & Gravity.… Continued →