Song of the Day: Pillar - Fireproof Vs Simply

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Pillar is a band I really got into while I was stationed in the military. My friend & I weren’t to so many shows I lost count. I remember seeing Pillar w/ EastWest & The Benjamin Gate in Greenville, SC. I didn’t get into their stuff much after Where Do We Go From Here save a few songs. Fireproof is just a staple int heir career, but Simply has lyrics that I have not forgotten over the years.

I’ve made it so hard on myself, turning my back on how you felt
Seeing a lie that led me on, leaving a love that did no wrong
That’s what it took for me to say
That you simply love
Despite all the stupid things I’ve done
It’s hard to remember
That you simply love
Even though I know not what I’ve done
It’s hard to remember
That you simply love
I’ve tried to do all this on my own
Not thinking once of what you’ve shown
All that I’ve done has blinded me
To everything that you have for me
I want you to know that I finally see
I don’t know why I can’t understand
I don’t know why I can’t comprehend

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Amos Quito
Amos Quito
September 27, 2022 10:10 am

been waiting for a long time for new music from these guys, i guess theyre not active even though i havent seen anything official to that respect.

Amos Quito
Amos Quito
September 28, 2022 7:25 am
Reply to  Timo Cuoco

awesome! thanks for that. to youtube i go.

September 29, 2022 8:34 am

I really miss Pillar as well. I would love to see Kutless come back with aggressive rock. And then see Pillar, Kutless, and Disciple tour together. (Unfortunately, I don’t live in Germany. Kutless, Disciple, and Petra are doing a show there right now.)

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