Song of the Day: Witness Protection Program - Piledriver

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Pennsylvania’s Witness Protection Program bring to mind music that falls between the space where arena & modern rock meet. There a few bands with the same name, but the obscure 2003 release Fire Ready Aim is chalk full of hard rocking songs & is the reason why I wanted to write for IVM in the first place. Christian bands that have come & gone & not left much of a trace as one cannot easily find a lot of music in my collection. Today’s SOTD lyrics speak of being humble. Another thought provoking song Pearls To Pigs speaks of temporary stuff that in the grand scheme of things means nothing compared to what YHWH has in store for us bringing to mind 2 Peter 3:11. Check it out

i got this feeling inside
i feel i’m getting to high
i got this feeling that i need to be knocked down
i’ve had enough of my pride
i know you won’t let it slide
c’mon and hit me with your best shot

‘cuz all i ever want to be
is more of you and less of me yeah

rock my world around
shock me with the sound
knock me to the ground
like a piledriver
break me of the sin
shake me up and then
make me whole again
you’re a piledriver

you know i just couldn’t see
you know i just couldn’t see
i couldn’t see you from my pedestal
you got me down on my knees
you got me down on my knees
you got me down here where i finally found you


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Stephen Young
June 19, 2021 7:10 pm

Totally didn’t know there was another band called WPP the boot to head band ruled

Chris Liesch
Chris Liesch
June 22, 2021 7:44 pm

Saw this band perform nearly 20 years ago… phenomenal guitar! Great band!

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